Mercedes PU 2023 Sound Mod/s

Mercedes PU 2023 Sound Mod/s 2.0

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INSTALLATION PROCESS: Using it on a car not mentioned!

1. Drag and drop the 2 files found in the sfx folder in either the RSS FH22 or the VRC FA22 into the desired car's sfx folder.
2. Left click the .BANK file that's ALREADY IN the folder and select "RENAME".
3. Copy the name and delete the .bank file
4. Left click the "rss_formula_hybrid_2022_s"/"vrc_formula_alpha_2022".bank and paste the text there.
5. Open the GUIDS and change either "rss_formula_hybrid_2022_s" OR "vrc_formula_alpha_2022" to the text you copied. (for an easier time, click edit and replace.)
Extra step: ENJOYMENT!!!

Sound Mod PV:

Latest updates

  1. Mercedes PU 2023 Sound Mod/s V2.0!

    NEW VERSIONS FOR ALL THE SOUND MODS! super epic new update for all merc power units
  2. Mercedes PU 2023 Sound Mod/s

    added the sdd amr23 because yes

Latest reviews

Greetings everyone, could someone guide me to learn how to install the engine sound, please, I would appreciate it.
I really like all the sounds except for the McLaren, interior sound sounds a bit off, but still excellent work!
Hello respected author, thank you very much for your hard work. I downloaded your latest sound mod for version 2.0 and found that the sound of FW45, MCL60 and AMR 23 MELBOURNE-MIAMI seems to be right channel only and not stereo.
I love the immersion of this sound mod, especially the exterior sounds. However the interior sounds could do with a tiny bit of tweaking to make it a smoother transition from low to high RPMs (and to get the rumble of the merc engine (not sure if I described it well)). Nevertheless the effort on this mod shows and this is a great job. I was wondering if you could make the exterior sounds a bit louder as I'd love to hear this thing in it's true glory (and the engine is quite loud irl indeed)?
Thanks for making all of the different versions it really helps add immersion. I'm curious how did you achieve the shiny tyres on the Aston martin in your video. That's one thing missing in AC in my opinion the tyres on most mods are way too bright grey and matte, you know?

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