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Mercedes W-05 DHD 1.0

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looks perfect
I like the more contrasting colours, very cool adaption. Switched back to 2012 because of some good mods, and this was a welcome surprise!
Awesome work m8 5* , Nice to see the different variations of different modders :)
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Thanks. Yours awesome too. Yes it is good to have variation. Some like flat nose some want on original. So all is well. :)
good job, please work for F1 2013
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
I would love too. But possibilities of making good liveries in 2013 is limited or probably zero. We Modders have tried to make food liveries but it is not possible with all the mirroring issue.
Great! only logos laureus and Fia Action for road Safaty are are reversed up and down, with logo shifted to the right of the column connection nose/frontwing
5* for sure, amazing ;)

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