MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56)

MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56) 1.21hotfix

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You want it, you got it!
My latest work, build specifically for online racing and leagues.
The upper tier in Uk Mini Challenge, Mini JCW class is a small but dangerous beast, up to 275 hp in a so short wheelbase, you'll be always on the edge!

Special thanks to:
@Emà!!! for the outstanding 30 skins!!!
@luathas as usual, lot of work on NM and details and some sound.
@Shaun Clarke for the fixes.
Salvo Patinella for the idea and severe testing.
Gabriele Torelli, real Mini challenge driver, for info and lot of testing.
James Gornall, real Mini UK challenge driver, and 2019 season winner, for all setup possibilites and rules.


Latest updates

  1. 1.21hotfix

    A wrong value in suspensions gave the car positive scrub at the front ( Negative expected ) Now...
  2. 1.2 Update

    Totally revamped physics. Some fix. Graphics tweaks. You may find the car a little bit slower...
  3. 1.1 Update

    Finally skins! The great work of @Emà!!! now is included, even in 2K for older hardware. Some...

Latest reviews

SO GOOD! Love my Mini JCW :)
Fantastic. Top notch as always. Thank you for sharing your skills with us.
Does anyone know why the pedal controls are reversed on this for me?
Its got nothing to do with inverting the pedals in settings this is the only car I have this problem on.
Very fun to drive. Thank you for this gem.
What a car ! Everything is perfect here including polished physics. Very well done. Thank you, sharing your passion is much appreciated.
perfect!!! loving my mini.......
...just awesome!
This thing is brilliant. Great wheel to wheel racing. Fairly stable when you get it wrong so great for beginners.
Thank you.
Great fun,many thanks.
My favorite car in AC!
You've done a great job. Thanks for all the hard work.
I was wondering if there is any way of fixing the wipers, so they remove the water from the windshield
Incredibly fun car to drive, sounds and handles amazing. Nordschleife lap:
So much fun!
Very good feel on the road but no lights. Can you add lights ?
Thanks, anyway the car have no lights cause the real british challenge car have no lights.. so 4 stars for reality isn't so good
Excellent MINI mod <3
Fun little touring car
Top work!

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