Mobikrog 0.8

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Slovenian real permanent race circuit called Mobikrog on the ex military airport field. It`s short, but very interesting race course of 2.005m in the middle of the woods.
It is a fully functioning track, with 20 pit boxes and TV cams.
AI included.

Track converted by Mitja Bonca
Originaly created by Tomaz Stravs (for rFactor)
Creator has approved to modify the track.

Credits go to:
- Tiago Lima
- Albert Sultan
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Latest reviews

Seems dexent but 'AI included' is a push. Typical problem where the left side of the grid refuses to launch and the right side follows the racing line and plows into the other stopped cars.
The graphics are on average, except for the all too repetitive asphalt textures. The layout is short and simple but quite fun to drive. The track however is completely flat and lifeless. All in all this is a good mod that deserves to be improved and gain 4 stars.
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
It was my 1st ever attempt of making track. I will make a new one from scratch, because this track is in renovation IRL.
fun,very fun,sochi please
Drove this for the 1st time yesterday, wow, what a fun track. I drove 7 cars and just had a blast. The Corvette C6R is made for this place!

Thanks for providing another great location to our arsenal of tracks.
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
You're welcome. I'm glad you like it.
Super track, thanx for your job
Thanks!....And this remind me my skin of Ferrari 458 ;)))
Bringing us closer to a world GT series...I like it!
good job -)
Very fun to drive, and looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Thanx m8
Superb job ;)
Great conversion , and really nice pics ;) Congrats mate

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