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Modders Resource: BMW Z4 leather interiors 2.0

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Hi there,

I am making my interiors available as modders resources. Please feel free to use them.

For some reason the file "" file, which darkens the aluminium textures, makes any skin equipped with it crash the showroom when loading it directly. A workaround is to load another skin in the showroom then navigate to the one with darker aluminium textures.

No problem when loading in game for a race though ;)

Otherwise, you can simply delete that file. The aluminium will have its default texture but the showroom won't crash when loading the skin directly.

Latest updates

  1. Included variations

  2. New black leather interior!

    I wasn't happy with the original black leather interior, so I made a new one.
  3. New red leather interior!

Latest reviews

Nice resource. Do you know how to edit SLS-GT3 lcd-rpm? I would like to color last few lines to red.
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
I don't know yet since I haven't try. But I might look into it and let you know :)
Incredible man!
Keep em coming^^
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
Thanks ^^ Happy you like it. Yeah I've got some more on the way :p
Nice interior !
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
Thank you. Happy you like it.
Looks gorgeous!
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
Thanks :)

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Edouard 25
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