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Mont Tremblant (St. Jovite) 2002 GP Course 1.0

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Mont Tremblant (St. Jovite) 2002 GP Course
Release V1.2

Scratch built by PorscheGuy

Bobonen for the very useful lofting features hidden away in Modeler's Garage. Doc Austin for the night racing conversions
BillB for the skybox

Circuit Information:
Built in 1964, Le Circuit Mont Tremblant is an exciting, high speed road course located near St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada, about 1 hour northwest of Montreal. The 15-turn "long course" is 2.65 miles in length and is characterized by dramatic
elevation changes and fast, sweeping corners. Several of these corners crest blind rises, resulting in intimidating blind-apex high speed turns that require the driver to commit to the corner well before the apex is visible. As a driver's circuit, Mont Tremblant ranks among the very best of all North American road courses.

Le Circuit was completely rebuilt during 2000-2001. The new track follows the layout of the old course but is wider and smoother, with large runoff areas, FIA-style curbs, and two chicanes. Banking has been removed from most corners. The track surface has been widened from 28 feet to 36 feet, and the new pit straight is 42 feet wide.

In its early years, Le Circuit hosted two Formula 1 Grands Prix, four USAC races (all won by Mario Andretti) and several Can-Am, Formula Atlantic, and Trans Am races, including the first Can-Am race ever, in 1966.

A Grand Am race is planned for 2002.

Mont Tremblant now has a flashy official Web site at

Utilities used:
Modeller's Garage 0.681b
MS Excel - "Path modifier", "SCN editor" and "Pits and grids" spreadsheets;
MS Paint
Paintshop Pro
Replay Manager

Known Issues:
None that I’m aware of other than the poor AI performance.

An Important Note:
Without any of the huge run off areas of some of my previous tracks, I didn't have to do anything special to make sure corners are not cut. Just stay on the pavement and you'll
be fine.

You may do what you wish with any and all parts of this file on the understanding that there is no profit generated from your actions. You may not charge anyone for any parts
of this project. If you give me any credit (and you don't have to), please use my name kindly. If you downloaded this file from anywhere other than Jmann's site, then it may have been copied without my permission and may be out of date.

The material provided in this ZIP is not connected to Electronic Arts or Image Space Inc. No support can be obtained from these companies for Sports Car GT if you have added this track and things blow up in your face.

I accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of this track in SCGT or any other simulation.
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Yet another great CanAm track from before the FIA started sanitising them, thanks

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