Monza 66 - 1000km layout

Monza 66 - 1000km layout v0.2

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Hey, so after visiting real life Monza earlier this year I (together with the inspiration and research by Red Manuel) felt like giving the Kunos 66 version a spruce up and to add the chicanes before each of the banked corners used for the 1000km races in the late 60s to make the track a bit more technical (and safer) to drive.

Just drop the files into AC's main folder and you will find the 1000km version as a layout for Kunos' Monza 66 track.

disclaimer: I've updated a few of the billboards to make them look a bit fresher. This will also affect the original layouts. If you don't want the updated textures, just go to the track's 'texture' folder and delete '' and '' (or don't install those files in the first place of course).

Feedback is appreciated. I'd love to give the whole track an update at some point if I find the time.


Latest reviews

This is fantastic! I am having a small issue though - there are grass polygons going across the track at the first chicane, on entry and exit. If you have a fix for that the mod would be perfect.
The more historical, the better for me as a self-confessed fan of real men's vehicles, which are not computerized and packed with driving aids. Grunt, grunt, grunt.
Hmmm, which wire is the ground wire now?
The sun is yellow.
The sun shines on the earth.
So the ground wire is yellow.
This addition is seriously awesome and adds so much more excitement to this amazing track. Not sure just how many laps I put in last night but, wait... is it morning already? Thank you so much Mino Cal magnifico.
Bravo, sir, bravo.
Superbe work!
Absolutely incredible!
Quoting Kimmi: Fock! Finally!
Been waiting for someone to do this for years, excellent!
I'd say that's a good job !

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