Mosport Park

Mosport Park 1.0

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Based on the original
Mosport Park
for rFactor by NR2K2 Author (S) PWF


Original creators:
  • *PWF* - modeling, texturing, scene
  • Neil Jani - former modeling, organisation
  • Pandamasque - textures

Latest reviews

Nice track but can you increase the pit slots? I have a grid of 24 to my 2017 IMSA and this track only has 22 pit lanes.

AI, map, outline and TV-Cam by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Mosport Park 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Mosport Park 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
This is why I gave Mosport 4 Stars, Graphics are good, track layout is good and I get a feel driving the track just don't see rubber build in braking zones or corners. Once that is added I feel this track would be a 4.5 Stars in everyone's book. Download this track and you're going to be happy with it although it may take you some time getting use to not seeing tire or as David Hobbs would say, "Clagg".
Well built and nice track.. Very nice and neat.
Would get 5 stars but timing is broke . can u please fix it ?
Great Work! Thanks for sharing with us. Very fun to drive and great feel. Please fix timing issue with the start, forcing us to remember to go to the pits at the start or get a too low best track time. Very annoying that!
Nice conversion but friction set to 1??
very good track .
Great track!

The problems of version 1:
*problematic lap1 at hotlap mode
*too close grid positions for race. THIS IS NUTZZZ pls FIX!!!!
Great immersion, when timing is sorted out, it'll be even better. Don't care much about colours :)
looks Promising. But you should rework the Gras. I have never seen Gras with that strange green yellow color other then fake Gras on football maybe. New Textures and maybe 3d gras and it would help with Imerson alot.
This is maybe a little bit too saturated in my eyes but gives a good Impression how the colors should look like.
Very nice, good sense of immersion
Thanks for your work!
good mod, good conversion track. Thanks for the availability!
Excellent track ! Very beautiful trees ! Thanks
Lovely stuff from you, thanks!

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