MTM1&2 Misc Objects For NR2003

MTM1&2 Misc Objects For NR2003

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MTM1&2 Misc Objects v1.2.0.0 Read Me

Sim: Nascar Racing 2003 Season (The Race Department Note)

Note: Anything that also applies to GPL has (GPL Note) Next to it. Ignore these for NR2003

After I saw what was possible with object conversion with the Zanarkand and track, it inspired me to do my own conversions. I know any conversion is now possible to NR2003, especially since it was not even a windows game, and was extracted via a PS2/3 emulator.

This came about by working out: how I can use a ready-made object for NR2003.

The objects were converted into 3do format for NR2003 and GPL by Myself (MeandMe AKA Monkeyape).

All my objects and materials are free to use, as they were free in the first place.

The objects are created by Terminal Reality.


-Never seen before objects in NR2003 (See Images), including start lights, a better blimp and those random pterodactyls that sometimes lift you after an accident.

-Already well mapped (There are no bits of transparent areas sticking out).

-Low Polygon count under the limit (MTMs might be much lower) this does not mean a reduction of quality, now corrected by using Make3do and Meshlab, where possible.

-Priority is upped to 4, for a sharper image via WinMip2, and seen at all distances is ticked. I have kept the original encrypted file name for posterity.

-Mip files with same 3do where possible (name easier to find), although this time, most had different names.

Examples in 3D Sim Ed

Ckban - 01.jpg

Ckban - 02.jpg

Ckban - 03.jpg

Ckban - 04.jpg

Ckban - 05.jpg

Ckban - 06.jpg

Ckban - 07.jpg

Ckban - 08.jpg

Ckban - 09.jpg

Farm Road 29 Start Lights - 01.jpg

(Please check EFR or Armory Digital for the full showcase of the objects).

Notes on Objects:

This time all objects are at the correct scale, with extra help from Cynon and Mystical, which are included in the credits. All objects seem to be working on NR2003.

Start Lights

Not working (as in animated) but looks good.

Probably going to have to ask an expert for an example on switch states for cautions for PSG scripting on this. At the moment, there is only a written example for PSG scripting on 2D animation form the Pits Tutorial, which is only just beginning to make sense with Mystical’s add-on for notepad++ on his/her website. (Thank you).

For now, do what I did, and stick a Cynon light bulb inside of them from inferno pool (included) (which is for night tracks only for some reason) As seen in my moon_night.

By the way, if including these is a problem I will remove them.

For GPL, the MTM1 start light works but when exported to .ASE, but not when I changed the green and red off lights to match MTM2s for some reason. Inferno Pool lights not included due to not knowing how to get animation in GPL. (GPL Note).

Note on Texture Mapping (Older Objects)

You may have noticed that older objects, in particular ones before 1998, do not do the universal unwrap method, instead, each and every piece is mapped separately. In general, the idea is to have one object that unwraps onto one texture file, and for convenience, it has the exact same file name (same .mip file name for a 3do). Also for all the textures to appear higher quality, they would need to be much larger.

So if you do want to re-texture these you can, but it will be a bit annoying, especially finding what piece goes where inside 3D Sim Ed, but not impossible.


These were meant to be animated, instead there are four separate models, still good though and probably need flight paths. Is there such thing as 3D animation in NR2003?


Probably would be best as some kind of render scene for paint schemes, if you know how to do that fell free to use it, would make sense to use Super Stadium Trucks here!


Did not want to extract at all, not included.

Clipping Issues

Ase2-3do did not want to work with the blimp, and ¾ of the pterodactyls. For some reason Ase2-3do works with basic-ish models but increases the vertice count. Is there a way around this? (GPL Note).


Small issue on the texturing on the checkpoints, but all of these went through Ase2-3do fine with no issues (so no clipping) (GPL Note).

Also, for some reason the numbers show up the wrong way on the other side of the checkpoints for some reason, as well as the tick, both should be facing the same way, not symmetrical.

How I did my objects

I used Mystical’s tutorials; I watched mainly parts II - (Part 2) and III - (Part 3) which was the most important, save to 3do format. I worked out that I did not need to make an object from scratch; I just needed to learn to save it to the correct format.

*Ignore X + D +3 smiley faces. Its just stunod playing up see inside Readme for link* (Stunod Note)

In addition MeshLab and Make3do to lower vertices, where possible. I Might also redo some previous objects.

I also had Zmodellerv1.07b, which extracts .bin models into 3DS files, which is very readable by 3D Sim Ed.

If you are a MTM track maker, it is good that all the models already have a vertices limit so it is nowhere near 3000~ or so vertices.

I will release a full tutorial on how I did it in the future forum, under Tips Tutorials and How To, including a FREE 3D Sim Ed 3 to use (sorry if you have already purchased it).

- (Use To Get Free 3D Sim Ed (Search was 3D Sim Ed Crack))

Please read the comments.

Please let me know if the objects are not working correctly and I will try to redo them.

Enjoy them!

-Myself (MeandMe AKA Monkeyape for converting the objects into 3dos for NR2003 and GPL)
-Cynon (Mentioning/Recommending Make3do + Help)
-Dave Noonan (3D-Sim-Ed 3)
-Mystical (AD Designs now AKA NR2003 Network Youtube Video on 3dos, and also How to use Make3do help, on
-Nigel Patterson (Make3do)
-Phil Flack and Phil W. (Ase2-3do for GPL)
-ProJektCarModZ (3D-Sim-Ed Crack)
-Terminal Reality (Monster Truck Madness 2 Objects)
-K. Hörbrand (WinMip 2 Creator)

Download also available on Stunod

Download Was Also Advertised Here (Armory Digital) (EFR) (Reddit)

GPL Version

Advertised Here (Gplaltern)

Thanks for downloading, and I will catch you in the next one.



More coming soon! :cool:

Latest Updates

MTM1&2 Misc Objects v1.2.0.0

Objects are now made from .PAS files to reduce vertices further.

MTM1&2 Misc Objects v1.1.0.0

Fixed an issue with the objects too small.

Latest updates

  1. MTM1&2 Misc Objects v1.2.0.0

    Objects are now made from .PAS files to reduce vertices further.
  2. Updates v1.1

    Fixed an issue with the objects too small.

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