My Summer Car French Translate (Patch FR)

My Summer Car French Translate (Patch FR) 1.0

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I have to put the description in English on the racedepartment site but you can follow the guide in French on steam (+You can see the list of translated mods on the steam guide):

French language guide + install :

Hello, I created this translation of the game my summer car using the Russian translation published by Roman266 on the racedepartment site.
I will try to update the translation as often as possible.

If there is a translation problem in game, do not hesitate to send me your comments in the steam or racedepartment comment space. Don't forget to leave stars and save the guide on steam to follow the updates and to support me, thank you very much. ;)

First of all, to translate the game, you will have to install MCSLOADER to download via racedepartment, it is a plugin to install mods on my summer car. Site link:

After downloading the file you will have a software named "MCSPatcher" in the files, you just have to launch it and install the plugin.

After installing MCSLOADER you need to download my translation file here, you simply need the file named "zarki34 trad FR", you must extract it and you will have the following files: Assets, ExtraTranslate, LanguageFramework, LETTFix and NewFronts. You simply have to drag all the files into D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Mods and that's it!

Launch your game and enjoy! :)

A big thank you to all those people who were able to create some files for translation, without them the translation of my summer would not be possible.

Credits: zarki34 (French translation) - Roman266 (Russian translation) jinnin0105 - author of Language Framework; piotrulos and Fredrik - programming help; madpavsam and KoshaTech - textures, _Nekit_ - correction of translation.
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