MyTeam Package Templates [SemiMoMods]

MyTeam Package Templates [SemiMoMods] 1.0

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This mod is a template for anyone, who wants to create myteam full team mods, or users who want to merge stuff they like together (helmet, livery, personal sticker etc.)
The mod comes in three packages: small, medium and large.
- Small centers around the car and driver.
- Medium expands that to the crew livery and garage.
- Large extends to careerhub stuff and f1 life.​


This mod is part of [Semi Modular Mods] and has Semi Modular Mods - Base Files as required mod to be existing or installed in the main F1 23 folder.​

  • Make your choice and enter into one of the three numbered folders.
  • Copy words.erp into F1 23\2023_asset_groups\game_package\text_validation and overwrite.

Make your own backup. Either reinstall your original game backup or from the SemiMoMods base files.​


This mod is based on the semi modular system and will not function without the base files. Other than that it is standalone and will be loaded before any myteam erp files.​

  • The Genesis (common_00) livery is now loading the Audi livery for more possibilities to work with (floor).
  • If you only use common_00 livery files, you need to adapt the floor textures into livery_audi_id8
  • You can find carbon floor textures in the optional zip archive.
  • If you have played BP2, you should have the "Techno Wave" livery. That one is capable of 4-colour swapping while using a _d and _s texture for decals or whatever special.

If you'd be so kind and give credits to this mod here, when using for yours - it would be appreciated, thanks.

My Credits for the carbon textures: No idea where I got them from, I think a few from Maian's package last year :D

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works perfectly!
Thanks very much!
One of the most important mods one can use for MyTeam in F1 23
You absolute legend!
I love you.
Small medium and large is a great idea :)

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