Semi Modular Mods - Base Files [SemiMoMods]

Semi Modular Mods - Base Files [SemiMoMods] 24.0311

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This mod is the base for my Semi Modular Mods system, where the goal is to be easily able to copy & paste, add and remove mods into F1 23 in a more convenient way than c&p too many files or EEA all around the game.​
Without this mod (system), it will not be possible to do easy chassis/face swaps in the future.​

This mod is part of Semi Modular Mods and every mod that has SemiMoMods written in the title or description must have these base files installed first.​

When you install this first, go into F - Full Install or if you update from a previous version, go into U - Update Install and follow the following process:​

Copy 2023_asset_groups from the F1 23 folder into your game F1 23 folder and hit yes to overwrite.​
!!! Do not simply remove any of the erp files, only because the only file inside is a dummy,​
!!! else your game will crash. These are placeholder-slots for future SemiMoMods.​
X - optional: This database enables force feedback for gamepad users on all surfaces (overwrite previous)​

Make your own backup before. When you have installed a released SemiMoMod and want to remove it, replace it with the correct placeholder erp file from these base files.​

  • Things have changed and this is the best we get. These base files will overwrite 8 original erp files.
  • This means that the databases.erp contains all information (and the start screen) from the other 7 files.
  • The other 7 files (3 in ui_package, 4 in game_package) are placeholders and will be replaced by upcoming Semi Modular Mods like faceswaps, chassis swaps, performance mods etc. etc.
  • This base file might be updated over time, when a game patch has been released. So make sure to keep this mod uptodate whenever you are using a semi modular mod.
  • You are sad that it is not more convenient like in the past? Me too, T.T~
  • Do not include the databases.erp into your mod, ask me for permission if you intend to do something with it, before releasing your stuff.
  • Do not merge or abuse the dummies for your own mod/purpose. They will be replaced with SemiMoMods over the time, there is a plan and a system which file will be used for what - so if you intend to kidnap one of those files for a different purpose Ask me beforehand.
  • disable cloud save is also best practice and can prevent issues (yeah, sorry to EA players)
  • @Petar Tasev for updating EEA 9.1 so quick
  • Moonshot for his EEA 9.1.0e fork, that allows us to merge erp files, which is of great help this year

Latest updates

  1. updated for current version

    Changelog 24.0311: updated to patch 1.20 as requested remember: I can't test it, I don't own...
  2. updated for patch 1.17

    Changelog 23.1120: updated for patch 1.17
  3. updated for patch 2023-09-26

    Changelog 23.926: updated for patch 1.13/1.14 or whatever CM calls their chaos changed mod...

Latest reviews

Great mod and it gets everything to work but you can't use the mfd properly, it just removes the option to click the button to speak to the engineer.
Love the mod, however think it needs an update, Causing crashes when installed with latest game update (Windows 11)
Hello I think semi modular no mods needs an update as my mods are not working correctly at the moment but overall this mod is awesome
Ty !
Cheers for the work you've put into this, much appreciated
Nice but we need a new version bc of the latest update of the game. do it asap plsss <3
There is no update needed. No file was changed.
Thank you for your work to make it easier to use mods :)
Awsome, thanks!
Thanks for keeping it up to date!
Thanks yet again for this speedy update.
First class work my friend!!
Thank you for your great work!!
Bro... you are the best!
Excellent job of you! I know, I shouldn't just have gave 1 star, because my game was crashing. I reinstalled, repared the game and then it worked.
Amazing. are you planning on making a erp for F1 team liveries/driversuits?
how to remove sponsorship from drive suit?
I don't know. It uses too many material files which are complicated to edit that it would be worth the time.
Very good mod. Creator is also very quick with updating the mod
God damn you are quick..!!
Makes the On screen display dissapear after the patch
Then why do you rate a mod which is not yet updated for the patch, which my client does not even have atm?
Great job for creating this so quick..
But after the update of F1 23 the Semi Modular Mod has an issue.
It won't show the MFD anymore
Once again brilliant saved this gaem thanks so much.
Top job thanks for your time and effort.

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