No Fog at Nightraces [SemiMoMods]

No Fog at Nightraces [SemiMoMods] 1.0

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This mod removes the volumetric light fog at night races in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Jeddah, Losail, Las Vegas, Monaco and Singapore.
Optionally you can also get rid of looking into too many lights.​


This mod is part of Semi Modular Mods and has Semi Modular Mods - Base Files as required mod to be existing or installed in the main F1 23 folder.​

  1. Make your choice and enter either "No Fog Only" or "No Fog + No Floodlights" folder
  2. Copy core_assets_ui.erp to
    F1 23\2023_asset_groups\environment_package\core_assets\ui
    and overwrite.

In theory, as long as you have SMM base files installed, you can delete it. Best is to replace it with the dummy from SMM base files or use your own backup.​

  • This mod is based on the semi modular system and will not function without the base files.
  • Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with other known mods.


Latest reviews

Thank you for this! Removing some elements in the game could lead to FPS improvement and that's exactly what happened. Also, it looks amazing too.

As Jonination below requested, is it possible to remove the fog from potentially all races? :O
Will you upload a copy paste version that does not require modular mods?
No. That would overwrite several hundreds of MB of original game files. There is a reason why I invented the system I use.
Works great, thank you!
First off, this mod is essential to make the game playable. Thank you for creating it. So it appears that your mod actually does more than simply fixes the game breaking fog. It not only restores the graphics to levels comparable to the previous games, but also boosts fps by as much as 80%. It was like night and day (pun not intended) between Bahrain/Saudi Arabia and say, Baku.

Which leads me to this request: Several daytime races also have fog. Baku and Miami come to mind. Whatever you did to get rid of the fog in night races, can it be done for ALL races?
If this will make the game playable without having 30 fps at night... I will be happy. If not then still, this is a neat mod.
love this mod used it in last years game as well

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