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Natural Look. 2014-06-12

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Before trying it - I'd like you to make sure that the conditions you will run it in are very similar to those I've made it in and by this I mean display settings.

I did mention it before but it drowned in all the other posts and I want it to be up top.

Basically it all comes down to - contrast, brightness and color balance.

Visit and click on

"Black Level" icon

You'll see some squares, adjust your displays contrast (probably lower it) so that the square 1 (2 is a must) will be slightly visible while the next one significantly visible.

"White Saturation"

...adjust your displays brightness or/and contrast (probably lower it) so that the checkboard 254 (253 is a must) will be slightly visible and the next one significantly visible.

"Color Balance"

Download a black and white picture or use one of your screenshots, completely desaturate it (in Gimp or whatever) and open it in fullscreen.

Now comes the tricky part - if your display doesn't supports separate color value adjustments then use your GFX control panel - for Nvidia go to "Adjust desktop color settings" change to "Use Nvidia settings" select a color that you think needs changing and use its Gamma (because its the most sensitive one) to adjust it. To determine which color it is I would suggest to wait till noon, open you blinds or whatever it is that's covering your windows and quickly glance between the outside world and the black & white picture on your display, you should quite easily see if a color is dominating that picture making it a bit reddish, greenish or blueish.

If you've got an expensive display then obviously you don't need to change anything but it want hurt to check because your sight may very from what the producer considered to be typical.

Now to the actual mod - use it only for the helmet cam in closed cars (not suitable for cars like Type 49, Exos and so on) and remember to tap the "Page Up" or "Down" buttons until the sky in it's darkest point will be almost white, if you can't use the "Page" buttons because your not using HDR but you feel the the brightness is totally off on all tracks at all times then go to "colorCurves.ini" and decrease or increase the HDR_OFF_MULT.

Backup - colorCurves.ini, dx11.ini, lighting.ini, weather1.ini found in

and extract the zip there.

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Makes it look even better, thanks for the mod!
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