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Hello there...
as some of you might have seen there is a new version of the McLaren livery that they have released pictures of, so I took a day away from studies and some down time and come up with this, things to note, the colour isn't completely the same, will be working to get it closer but its not far from it.. due to mirroring there is a few different logos on the car, like rear wing, just in front of the driver in cockpit view and the one on the side of the front wing, but hopefully its something to enjoy.. here is the real car and then a few from in game....
MP4-30 2.jpg
MP4-30 3.jpg

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  1. Spain GP Update

    Hi guys Firstly thank you for downloading and reviewing this Skin, and just a quick thank you...

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The livery itself works great although I had to do the method which involves renaming all the rb2 files to mc2. One problem I had though was that after renaming all the files, the McLaren drivers now have Red Bull race suits and Red Bull helmets, anyone know how to fix this? I have a backup of the old mc2 files so if I need any of them I still have them.
I'm speechless !
amazing! absolutely amazing!!
Yes Yes Yes !!!!
good job. you do not have all the liveries of 2015 year on the standard models of cars, to be compatible with the line
I will have a look and see if I can get one sorted on the original mclaren model...
How do i make it work? please some body?
Some instructions in the first review if you don't don't have the rb10 as ur mclaren model
very good job man!.....remenber the update :-)
awesome...great !! but do you know if it works online ??
I don't know if it does, i don't really play the online side so
Nice!!! Very Good Thanks
Super job! Thanks
Great, was looking to create one my own, but you just spared me loads of time
Thank you!
Thanks. Good work!
Good work. Thanks.
Nice mod very nicely :D But why not on Mercedes chassis on Mercedes is more realistic
It's just because it's on version I use in my game, will look to do one for the merc in the next week or so
Thank You So Much!
Nice work bro

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