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New Traffic for Shutoko Revival Project 2021-08-28

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Traffic works in "Track day" mode and for such huge distance you really need AI flood to be enabled and with good settings. These days the Patreon CSP 0.1.75 pr1 has most of the options hidden in CM so editing of the file "C:\Users\*****\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\extension\new_behaviour.ini" is needed. Adding in


produces the desired effect only on SRP and leaves the AI flood defaults working on the other tracks. Thanks to @bongady for suggesting good spawn values that I can vouch for to work with cars, bikes, trucks, buses, SUV's, APC's, younameit...

Trying to make the package a little "future proof" so it differs from the usual other stuff. See the insides of the archive - there are only traces of what is the current folder structure of SRP. This way you may adapt it to accommodate the differences in versions. The lines will work as long as the road doesn't move too much and the pit areas remain non-blocked.

Three kinds of lines are available: "Rapid" with right border moved to envelop the next lane on the right and enable overtaking for all AI where roads are wide;

"Restricted" with both borders fixed at 1.5 m alongside the main line which prevents any attempts for overtaking;

"Less restricted" with right border moved to envelop the faster lane but enable overtaking only for AI that has the lane on the right without a spline. The third option works best for me.

To install the AI line in any of the SRP layouts open one of the 7z from "fast_lane_Options" and drop the files from it into the layout's "ai" sub-folder. For ultra-speed racing on "Bayshore route" choose as start "Tatsumi PA" or "Oi PA" and for AI flood settings maybe "PUSH_SPEED=190" to catapult the respawned cars into the faster traffic. When you want to switch to a session starting from another area - simply drag the two "fast_lane***" files to the other "ai" sub-folder and select that layout in CM. To create "Oi PA" you need to make copies from the files and folders of another one of the layouts and edit them to match the name "oi_pa" on the new layout folder in "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\" and "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\ui". The pits model and the "ui" layouts description you can use from here. If the names of the layouts that you have coincide with the ones in this 7z then dropping the folders into "..\contents\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\" will be the fastest way to place all "pit_lane***" files needed for "Track day" mode to function and also the "Rapid" hints will end up in each "data" sub-folder.

If you feel confused by the above just follow the simple "step-by-step" guide I added later by request.

When the layout's tags are missing "circuit" and CM complains about it -

and reload CM:

When starting from "Daishi" and "Heiwajima" you have busy 2-lane roads in both directions and if you like to experience heavy slow traffic there you need at least the hints from "RESTRICTED ai_hints.7z". In the zip you can find the "ai_hints.ini" for limiting the speed on the different lanes of "Ueno" and "Yokohane" routes to almost legal. Drop the file from inside the 7z into the respective layout's "data" sub-folder. For reverting to fast moving AI use "ai_hints.ini" from "RAPID ai_hints.7z" in the same fashion.

When you need faster loading time for online play with the same layout - rename the "" to "fast_lane.ai1" and you may leave it in place or you may delete the "" and use some from the 7z's again later. If you need to change from "RAPID_ai" line to "RESTRICTED_ai" line or vice-versa the "fast_lane_payloads.bin" should also be replaced along with the replacing of "". Otherwise the old may take effect or the session loading time may increase back to over 10 minutes instead of under 2 minutes.

When AI flood is inactive a "Track day" session gives you the opportunity to chase an AI car and with the "rapid" hints they might prove to be quite difficult to catch in a fair race. Another favorite of mine for a pastime is watching the SRP views fly by the windows of fast AI car while I rest in the pits or somewhere else and jump between all the other cars. For that I use the "Boxcam" app from @Stereo. "CamTool" can do it too but according to CSP render stats it eats much more CPU than it should. Also with the "Boxcam" app in "spline" mode I can pick any vantage point and from there the app tracks the cars motions perfectly and supports zoom in and out with the mouse scroll. That should compensate you for not having the F3 cams which are not impossible to make but are too much effort for too little gain over what you get with the "Boxcam".

The line is 295710 meters long and fast AI cars complete the loop for ~70-90 minutes.


If you happen to have one of the "Public Testing Beta" (PTB) versions of SRP you might have to add a paragraph with

into "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\data_track_params.ini" to make the time zone work correctly on all layouts.

Special thanks to @Sim_Misg for this script. Makes life a whole lot easier and fun!

Have a blast!

Latest reviews

Mostly works well, however when I use the 'restriced' ai splines they only ever spawn or drive in the leftmost lane, leaving the right completely free. Any fixes?
Thanks for the feedback! The AI will spawn more randomly if the player drives more randomly - using more lanes. So the more often you change lanes the more AI will spawn in different lanes.
This was one of my favourite things to do in AC, however recently updates to CSP seem to have broken it. You can get past the "Initalising AI Spline" screen by waiting around 20 minutes, after that it should be quicker to load (a few seconds for me with a good 20ish AI cars).

The AI don't seem to drive as quickly as they used to and are stuck following each other in a straight line sometimes, or will not go to certain areas they used to race in.
Cars dont spawn on 3 lane they only overtake to 3 lane
Really good mod mate, definetely more fun than regular traffic..
I do want to say though, the mod only works on csp 0.2.0.... Any version above will make the loading fail at ai spline and freeze the process... I don't know what causes the problem but i figured i'd let you know
Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn't updated CSP for a while so i can't promise a fix for this.
Very nice, it's great !

I just have a question, how can I use it along with traffic planner ?

I explain myself, I use the mod on track day, and I add 5 to 10 opponents (let's call them AI racers) with fast cars that I choose. It works fine.

But when I activate traffic planner to have some slow/normal traffic around, all my AI racers crash into traffic planner cars.

What's the good way to make this working ?

Should I add traffic car as opponents instead of using traffic planner ? (traffic planner is good cause I can add lot of cars driving to speed limits)

Thanks by advance !
Hi and thanks for the grade!
This mod is not designed to work with "Traffic planner" in "Track day" mode. I don't see a way to mix the two things at the moment.
May I ask if it can run on Linux
If you can run Assetto Corsa on your Linux machine, this add-on will run too. I can't verify it.
Excellent traffic mod. had one problem tough. when ai racers pass the traffic, they constantly braking even tough they are on a different lane when passing the traffic.

any solution on this?
I noticed it too but can't make them less hesitant. The only thing that helps a little is the aggression slider at 100 with no variation.
Fantastic mod, been using it for a long while now and everything seems to work great. One question - have you managed to figure out a way to get traffic on the Shinkanjo line (Routes 6 & 9)? It's quite possibly my favorite section of the entire Shutoko, but with traffic looping at Tatsumi PA they all completely bypass it.
No worries if not, this is still a 5-star mod in its own right. Cheers!
Thanks for the encouragement! I made the loop with the consideration of not overlapping on any part of the road so it ended up that I couldn't go through all of the road. I'm open for new suggestions on solving the maze.
Best SRP traffic mod so far. Except - I'm still experiencing traffic cars crashing. Not the game itself, just seeing other cars spinning in a cloud of smoke or being stuck across the lane blocking the others until it finally despawns. It doesn't matter how many cars I run, same goes for 6 or 20 cars I tested so far. Is there any particular fix or settings I've been missing?
Thanks for the feedback! To limit the collisions try "Less restricted" or "Restricted" files of "fast_lane..." that I made for that purpose. Also use the file from inside the "RESTRICTED ai_hints.7z" into the respective layout's "data" sub-folder to set the speeds for AI.
Works great. As do all your other mods.

Those struggling, it's not hard just take your time and read..
Chose your level (fast, medium, slow) then apply them. You can't have all 3 at once, so pick 1 and apply it
I love this mod but i need help because when im in the map, the cars usually spanw in 2 of 3 lanes and i have the 3rd lane always free, can somebody help me?
Thank you for the top grade!
Regarding your question please see the messages down from
Fantastic job! I use "LIGHTS PATCH 0.1.79 PREVIEW 5 FULL". In the "new_behaviour" file, what data should I enter?
What is in "INFO.txt" or the one on this page?
Thank you!!
Better use the one in the description above.
Does not load past ai splines. I've even added all the ini settings that the devs for whatever reason did not. Seems like a cool mod, too bad I apparently won't be able to get it to work. Several people have reached out on here to figure out what is wrong with no answers. Sheesh.... What a Joke.
Further to the below review.

I worked it out. The oi_pa model.ini is missing from the pack. I simply copy pasted the "models_yoyogi_pa.ini" and renamed it "models_oi_pa.ini" and its working now!

Thanks again for this awesome mod!
To myself, was impossible to install the traffic patch. Instructions are caotic and nerdish. An advsise: just make a zip that common humans can apply to main folder of track.
Thank you, this is much better than the default trafic mod, it feels realistic and there are almost was less collisions !!
Cannot believe I'm only just using this, brilliant mod.
it took me a lot time to make it work properly but my man thank you so much for this mod.
I love it, would suck you off if you wanted no homo
Loving the Mod so far! Having one small problem. When pulling up to traffic the odd time a car will dissapear but the shadow of the car is still their and as soon as I pass the shadow the car returns. Not sure if it could be a small setting somewhere. I get 80fps avg. Everything else is working flawlessly so not sure if its just a bug or. Thanks for all the hard work either way!
Thanks for the grade! As for the phantom car I would check if CSP has some such in the bug list or if it happens only with some mod car. I am not familiar with that bug.

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