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Nissan GTR GT3 Sumo Power Nismo_GTR_Sumo

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Someone ask for it and i gave it a try!!!
This is my first skin at AC, so please be kind :thumbsup:
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Yes! I was looking for this! Really special feeling for me to drive this memorable car in AC. Thanks mate! :)
Vangelis Parginos
Vangelis Parginos
thank you buddy, glad you like it ;)
Nice, clean look, and the text on the back is fun and as well-executed as the rest of it. Thanks and congrats a very good first release!
Vangelis Parginos
Vangelis Parginos
thank you my friend!!!
Great job, thanks mate.
Vangelis Parginos
Vangelis Parginos
Thx buddy!!!
Great skin , thanks !
Vangelis Parginos
Vangelis Parginos
Thank you ;)
Thanks !!!
Vangelis Parginos
Vangelis Parginos
I hope you like it :)

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Vangelis Parginos
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