Nissan Skyline R33: 1995 GT-R and 1993 GTS25t

Nissan Skyline R33: 1995 GT-R and 1993 GTS25t v0.3

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Thats the releases of the 'R33 Project' that we had started quite a few years ago, the development of this mod had been put on hold since 2019, only being resumed at the last quarter of 2023.
Since then, we did an extensive rework on 3D and physics, still there are some works to be done related to 3D/2D/animations, but the basics are on there.

Hard Requirement: Custom Shaders Patch ( CSP ) v0.2 or newer
- Physics were built around CSP functions, without it the car's physics won't work as intended and result in game crashes.


If you have installed previous versions of this mod (v0.1 to v0.2b), delete all files related to them from the AC/content/cars folder before install v0.3

Skyline R33 Models - Version 0.3:

- 1993 GTS25t Type M (ECR33)

- 1995 GT-R (BCNR33)


- Physics
Matheus Sobrinho (Ma7heus) - 3D and 2D
TripledSevens - RB26 Sounds

Special thanks to:

for advice, finding data, suspension geometry and car body parts measurements
AshNismo for advice, finding data and suspension geometry measurements
TripledSevens for allow us to include his sounds on this mod

Feedbacks and suggestions will be much appreciated.
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  2. R33 GTR JAN-07-24 (2) v0.2b

    The "v.0.2b" updates are just some minor fixes and edits at 3D headlights model and removal of...
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Latest reviews

masterworks...looks so good ..thank you
Nice Mod
Can think about making a later version of ECR33 GTS25 with the Round Bumper light?
Nice work, really accurate at first the tyres felt they were slippery even for street, but the time I set at my home track (Wakefield Park) seems accurate 1:12 Wakefield Park. Arch's Nismo 370Z does 1:09 which seems a bit quick. IRL my 350z on crappy tyres does 1:15.
Very nice model and the physics are good, but the tyres are uhm, a little lacking...
Thanks for the big update! This amazing mod got even better!
Thank you so much, this is the best r33 I've ever driven so far. Just Gorgeous
Amazing Car!
Cannot wait for the final version
moon over the castle
car is a bit bouncy even on straights, was testing at long beach.
r34 doesnt bounce like this one... maybe copy the suspension from that car?
Thanks for your feedback. The springs and dampers shouldn't have any big errors in them as they are.
A true AC legend. Those who have followed the forum thread from 2016 know.
wonderfull mod, but it crashes my game :(
Thanks for your feedback,
For the car work correctly, you need to have Custom Shaders Patch (CSP) v0.2 or newer installed, you get it from here:
Top notch, thank you.
I'm happy to see Arch doing the physics on this. Nice work!
Best christmas gift ever. After so many years I thought Ma7heus and Arch would NEVER release the most underrated GT-R and here it is! One of the coolest (Along side NSX) roadcar you can get for AC1!
My favorite car from 1st Gran Turismo, thanks Santa!
I thank you for the rating
A christmas miracle! To be honest, I never thought this mod would ever be released after so many years. Thank you very much! Merry christmas and happy holidays!
Merry christmas and Thank You for rating!
Yeah, we had spent so much time working on this mod in the past, I couldn't let it go to waste. At some point I would have to bring it back, no more WIP pictures or promisses this time, just the car to Download as soon as possible.

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