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nivekAA Reshade.ini 0.75

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certainly i came back to AMS2 and realized how good this title has become.
The thing mostly concerning me, is the slighl cartoonish look compared to some competitor games and of course the storng aliasing effect.

This reshade preset is the attempt to reduce the aliasing effect and give the game an overall more realistic look.

Note: I used "WiLon Wheels AMS2 Pure Clarity Preset" and just addet some more shaders to achieve the result i did. So many thanks to the original creator.

If you like a cristal clear sharpened look and you live with the aliasing- this preset will be nothing for you.

If not - you`re welcome to test it :)

Note: The pictures following are not representing the "potential" of the achieved look. They are quick taken with the "print" key direct from the game and send via whattsapp^^

Installation ; You need installed reshade first. Just unpack the ini. somewhere. Start the game, wait, Open the reshade library with Pos1 and choose the ini.
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