No-CD Patch for GTR 2

No-CD Patch for GTR 2 1.1

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How to install this mod? I have download the 1.1 patch already i searched in google and youtube and no one did a tutorial about it. So guys, im a newbie. Thanks
Worked Perfectly! Thanks!
Thank you!!
thank you very much.
thank you
works well, provide access to content left off due to licenses
After install the patch launch the game but appear a NO cd warning then aplly this but the steam button no launch the game, i have to double click from this new exe and enjoy the Porsche and ferrari cars
It works for me, thank you!
Very... very good!!! It has solved a couple of problems.
Excellent. I was annoyed that there were non-textured cars in my game, and this fixed it right up.
Dowloading this to get Porsche and Ferrari back in the Steam version of GTR 2
Works perfect, cheers!

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