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No "Rookie" language mod. 1.0

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Hey there.

As we all know that you can only play 5 seasons in F1 2013, I wanted to make a mod so that you can kind of "resume" where you left. Don't get me wrong though, it will not actually resume, but simply make things prettier.

This mod removes the word "Rookie" from the career mode. For instance, as you just started your career it should normally say " Formula 1 Rookie joins Toro Rosso! " but it'll actually say " [Your name] joins Toro Rosso "

I don't know if it'll be useful to you as it is to me but we'll see.

Make sure to back up your old language file before replacing it and comment if ever you find bugs and stuff you don't like. Ill try go get my hand on other languages files so that more people are satisfied :)

Have fun.

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