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Nordschleife 108 Grid Spots 2017-05-22

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Right in time for the upcoming real 24 hours race on the Nordschleife I release this little addon. I added 'some' grid spots and now you are able to drive with 108 cars on the Ring at once.
This was mainly an experiment whether AC could handle this amount of cars so don't expect perfection. The pitlane is heavily overcrowded and for proper positioning of crew members there was no space.

Funnily with my PC I had no problems with the GPU. I have a GTX 970 and normally I run max details @ 60 FPS. With 108 cars at the start of a race (!) it were still >30 FPS. My CPU, an Intel i7 6700K couldn't cope with calculating 108 car physics (AI) in realtime, so the game was going in slow-motion. With 60 AI cars I had no problems with the CPU.
For online use it should perform even better - I'm already planning a one-off VLN multiplayer race over @ Let's see if we can organize a race with >100 participants - details on that will follow at a later point.

Please be aware, that this addon will bring AC and your PC to their limits. Use it at your own risk!
As this addon is basically the same as the OSRW grid spot extensions I assume it is OK to upload it here. If someone wants to have it removed, please inform me and I will try to do so as soon as possible.


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Not working here either. For first test I tried a race with only 31 cars and it says "Invalid Setup click here to check again" (which also does not work) in CM on start and nothing changes that. Will test some more and maybe there will be an answer from the maker. But maybe I made a mistake with the chosen cars but not sure. So this is a review until further notice.
not working
Works great
it is working with 45 AIs. 60 are too much for my CPU. But maybe the Engine of AC can´t handle it because it only use four threads if i see it right.
System: 7800X3D, 32GB DDR5-6000, 4090 @300W + TreeFX
FPS: Still 144 FPS on Triple Screen
This mod made the Green Hell come alive <3
Nice work but the cars only drive 80 kp/h. is there a way to fix that?
thanks for this mod, but few of my cars don´t drive in the Race, but all drive in die Qualifing. You have an idea why its not working?
WARNING THIS FIX IS FOR OVERCLOCKERS ONLY for those who have a modern pc with a expensive cpu and get low cycle rates (100%) in the ac bs usage. this is how u fix it or at least improve it. as a bench download road atlanta 50 pits. if that works then youll be able to move to the next step. take the spa 120 pit. (its small track so rendering and data throwing is easy for the computer) keep adding cars in quick race mode till you reach 100% after the 3rd lap. (as the cars separate into their rhythm processing gets easier) after youve found your max just before your 100. then take that quantity to the gring. now you've found your processors sweet spot. (benchmark) now heres the fix. if your motherboard and processor lets you. go in SAVE your bios. on amd processors you can disable your cores i have a thread ripper so i have 2 logic cores per thread so data throwing is easier. corsa only uses 1 "core" for physics and ia problem solving but it its slow because there's not enough clock speed within that core so thats why you get slow mo. if you have a 4gz at 8 cores ac is only using 1/4ghz of that total clock speed. so if you have 8 core make it 6 then clock it to 4.5; or make it 4 then clock to 5ghz the processor wont over heat because its still only using 1 actual core to run a game while the rest of them handle everything else thus making data management more efficient for ac. if you have a decent rig ram wont be a problem because your rams clock speed is already out preforming the cpu anyways. i dont know how kunos calls this a 64 bit game and it only really uses 1 to 2 cores but i hope this works for you guys. as proof when i got ac i have a fx 8350 8core at 4.7ghz and 1200mhz at 8gb. it could do atlanta at half but it only used one core. once i downlocked it so save a little life on it and it ran way slower in ac of course utilizing that one core still. now with the thread ripper and 64gb 3000mhz of ram i can run spa at 81 no slowmo and 101 or 3/4th the speed.(very fun) once i lowered my active cores and set the clock speed higher i could run things smoother. just be careful
Thx for the mod!
Its great for VLN sim. i7-7700k barely handles 64 cars @4k maxed, but its awesome, ty!
Nice one, with i7-4790k 47 opponents. :)
I appreciate the work you did, but I have to say that already with 60 cars the game does not run in an acceptable way. Stuttering deluxe. >>> For me a useless mod. CPU: Intel i7 4790. Anyway: Nice try, but AC is not made for such a mass of cars right now.
I already had a 60 slots mod, but 99% PO on my i7 4790K+GeForce GTX980 LOL. But a Le Mans with 60 slots would be cool, I think (as asked before me)
Thx a lot! Do you think you can do the same thing for Lemans 1.2 and had it 60 boxes?
Thx again.
Excellent! Thanks!
Amazing thank you for the addon.
I can hardly run more than 18 AI on my machine, so I'm mostly curious about the online use. With a grid of ~20 different cars this should still be in a workable state for an average GPU. Question is if a server can run 3 times the number of intended players at the same time without huge delays.
Nobody knows, time to find it out ;) You're welcome to join our test race.
Nice work, many thanks! o/
it's a great idea, however I wouldn't expect any CPU (under DX11) to do so much calculations without crazy amount of delayed phys steps, check my screen: i7 5960x, 107AI of Pagani Huayra
PHY=177% mean that every phys step is calculated over 5ms, while it should be under 3ms (designed limit), so engine is waiting to long for CPU do the job so even that 42fps is worthless ;(
I know my PC will NEVER make this, but thanks.

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