Nordschleife 1967

Nordschleife 1967 1.1

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@ Luis Barata all copyrights reserved.

- 1 layout
- 30 pit/grid

- original 3d model by LuisB
- revision shaders and ext_config by @Rmi
- AI by @Rmi and @titi
- cameras by @titi
- extra lighting by @Rmi
- TRACK VAO patch by RMi
- testing reviews for errors by @Breathe, @Fanapryde, @Mascot, @titi, @Rmi

Please read the information on wikipedia (instead of copying it here :) )

If you think you found something wrong check your source before saying it for me to explain.
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Latest updates

  1. review 1

    Changes in the UI and data new file for the several sections.

Latest reviews

The track is amazing. It looks great, it's an amazing drive, even without the Sudschleife, I love it.

The one problem that I've run into, in multiple cars now, both Kunos and modded, is that the bottom of the second hill at the end of Döttinger Höhe seems to send the cars bouncing. The Kunos GT40 hadn't even finished bouncing by the time I cleared the hill, and I went over the crest with the car pointed downwards in mid air.

I don't know what causes this, but I hope it's able to be fixed.
Thank you very much indeed for this track Luis. I have made myself a Championship of the 1967 season and of course the Nurburgring was part of that. Only problem was I hated that round of the Championship but now, for some reason, and I am not sure why, I actually look forward to it with your rendition of the track. The bends just seem to have a really nice flow to them.
Thanks again
Sir P
What a great experience. I found this extremely challenging because of all the now new bumps and twists.
Track looks great...the lighting is pure magic. I really love it!
Only downside so far is: if you crash off the track you fall through the Matrix almost everywhere. I look forward to the further development of this track.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
I tested the whole track sides and had no crashes the sides were ground collisions can you show me that in a video, please? That is a kind of error that should not happened.
Like yes, very much... Good, track is Very Good !!! Track is freaking Awesome Yeah ! This version of Old Green Hell complements so Excellently Sergio Loro's masterpiece Eifel Sudstrecke. Wonderful, Congratulations Five Star and Thank You so much Luis.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
Easily the best version of the 1967 circuit. The only section I'd say needs a rework is the exit of the Brunnchen S and into the downhill jump.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
Thanks for the suggestion, but it is the opposite of the one's I accepted and reviewed when I did this track in rF2. I did it almost without the jump and more straight downhill, then someone got my attention see it at 2:30s it's almost a jump if you're coming too fast. I've redone the whole section and it's more difficult to drive but it's more real. This video only shows the star of steep descend but illustrates it well. To be honest this also took me surprised when I saw it, the track in the present is more constant downhill.
The best track presented in the best way. Well done and thank you.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
Fantastic work. My new favourite time travel track.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
thanks enjoy it.
The looks are great and the road mesh is great. I can help with the TV cameras gladly. Sad to say but this one overall drives better than the other older improved conversion Nurburgring '67 by WilliamTRiker (which I can't seem to find on RD right now). The corner radiuses and elevations seem better here.
The Sudscleife and Betonschleife are great to have, like in WilliamTRiker's version, but this track mod doesn't have them.
However, my biggest problem and why giving 4 stars is about driving one single part. The end of the Döttinger Höhe straight up hill which I don't understand. That climb up the hill is way too steep for any faster car to drive, like 250-270kmh. The car will bounce a couple of times climbing up there loosing control easily. The climb should start smoother but the top of the hill at the bridge and the point they needed to turn left for the kink is where the cars had problem with maintaining control. I'd give 5 stars easily if this didn't spoil the drive of doing the whole lap of this magnificent circuit.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
keep your 4 stars you have no data to support the words "That climb up the hill is way too steep for any faster car to drive, like 250-270kmh. The car will bounce a couple of times climbing up there loosing control easily. The climb should start smoother" I showed you the cars can go easily at 290 km without bouncing.
Very nice! Thx a lot. From first test the replaycams could use a huge overhaul if you are open to suggestions. Keep it up. :-)
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
It can be arranged. Thanks for suggestion.
Graphically stunning, the trees and atmosphere is so immersive in vr. Two thing I realized could improve: There was CPU 99% warning at end of 2nd lap and road mesh felt pretty smooth compared to Kunos Nordschleife. I still enjoyed it so much thank you!
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
I guess the CPU warning depends a bit of the system configuration of each. I made 3 or 4 races with full grid of 5 laps and have no warning. Anyway with some time I'll get an optimization for it. Thanks. I don't understand why you have compared it with Kunos Nordschleife I didn't know they had a classic version :) .
Great endeavour! Thanks for sharing with us.
Luis Barata
Luis Barata
Thanks anytime.

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