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NRING Circuit 1.0

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NRING (Nizhny Novgorod Circuit), located 16 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod, belongs to Russia's new crop of international standard circuits.

The track has been designed to meet the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Grade 2 standards, which allows it to cater for all types of racing competitions, both domestic and international. The main circuit was completed by 2010, ready for its first race in June.


The track is 3,222 meters long, with 9.6 m elevation. It has seven different configurations, including a drag racing lane, an oval course, a motorcycle configuration, and can also be divided into a training zone and a go-kart zone of 1,379 meters. In 2014, the rest of the facilities were added up, with 24 pit boxes, control tower, media center, and grandstand seating for 8,000 spectators.


NRING hosts a karting school for children and teenagers – SMP Racing Academy. It provides an excellent training base – the operating Nizhny Novgorod Ring race track and professional sports karts are available at all times. Championships and cups of various levels are regularly held on the karting track.


The virtual version of the track features ring configurations A, B, C, moto, drift and karting set ups. Development began in the summer of 2022, and was timed for the offline RSKG stage on July 30, with an early version of the circuit for spectator races on SMP Racing simulators presented there. As of today, the circuit is fully ready to host any virtual competitions!


The following configurations are presented in our modification:
— Ring A (32 and 50 slots)
— Ring B (32 and 50 slots)
— Ring C
— Configuration for motorcycle racing
— Configuration for Drift
— Configuration for Karting


Raceway characteristics:
Track length 3222 m
Longest straight 400 m
Track width 12 to 16 m
Elevation change 9.6 m
The direction of movement is clockwise
Number of turns — 15

Latest reviews

лучший нринг существующий в корсе на данный момент
реверс дрифт-конфиг из рдс гп 2024 планируется?
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Спасибо! По реверсу дрифта подумаем, наеврное это несложно.
Very nice! Ring, drift, moto and kart(!)!

P.S. Игора планируется?
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :) по Игоре пока не можем точно сказать
i surf in many sites assetto corsa forum,then i see a link,click on it,and i enjoy with youtube video,so i said if somebody made this track and car!and Yes,dream come true,so thank you again,youtube video i have see if you want see:
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much! :)
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Спасибо! :)
Just Brilliant
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much!
An incredible track, very well finished, congratulations!!
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much!
loving it!!!!! thx!
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much!
Шикарная работа, спасибо!
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
И Вам спасибо! :)
Надеюсь, в скором времени появится Прим Ринг
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
И мы надеемся. А если будет большой запрос от участников с Дальнего Востока, то это сильно поможет начать процесс виртуальной стройки :D
Brilliant as always, thanks a lot for all of your amazing mods !
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
Thank you very much, come to our races and championships
Well didn't expect you guys to suddenly dropped a bucketload of contents at once...

Absolutely amazing job on all of them, looking forward to the BR1...! :)
SMP Racing
SMP Racing
We didn't expect this from ourselves! BR1 we will try to do :) Thanks!

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