Nsuka 鳴門スカイライン for AssettoCorsa-converted from Nsuka1.70(rfactor1)

Nsuka 鳴門スカイライン for AssettoCorsa-converted from Nsuka1.70(rfactor1) 2.5

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Nsuka from rFactor2 version is now released by shin956 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/nsuka-for-ac-converted-from-nsuka0-92-rfactor2.32799/

This track is Nsuka(Naruto Skyline) 23.1km (From Rfactor)
Track model made by Takach(http://www.takach.net/pc/TrackBuild.html) Thanks
  1. Don't support Race(You can play practice, HotLap and Drift)


AI Line and camera(for InnerLoop) is made by Phoenix77

V2.5 Peformance Update And Add EastLong Leyout
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Latest updates

  1. Performance Update and add Eastlong Leyout.

    Performance Update and add Eastlong Leyout. 【Changelog】 1. Add Eastlong Layout.(WIP) 2...
  2. Nsuka Ver2.0 Released

    Thanks for waiting a lot of time. Now I release Ver2.0 【changelog】 Add Satellite texture(using...
  3. Release Ver1.0

    change Fix materials(TreeWall Trass and Road) increase Online Max 12 User Support measurement...

Latest reviews

old textures,need some updates. But I think this one is better than RF2ver :)
The ground textures near the track isnt great and the lap time for the layout eastlong is broken. Otherwise great fun to drive.
Amazing track, The Trueno and RX7 is perfect on these roads
Texture needs improvement around the road, someplaces the car "falls through". And at start it seems that the car is placed incorrect, because you get a best laptime of 3 seconds or so. But the scenery is great!
fine thanks for your work
Just crashes when loading
Looove this mod, it is a lot of fun, beautiful sections, but textures are ruining the expirience a bit too much for me.
Nice track, thanks!
Very immersive, despite the lorez textures on the hills... Love this track! Thanks very much for your efforts.
Very nice update Sama, Thanks... The distant textures really help mask the landscape mesh (which I understand you aren't allowed to change) But the roadside textures have suffered as a result. Maybe there's a way to have the satellite textures on distant objects and higher res textures for roadside. I should really give this 4 stars for that, and but it's too nice a track for that :)
Very good Track. Fun to drive. Only the low quality texture is a bit disturbing. I hope a fix.
Imaginative in a lot of ways but there are a few problems with the solid barriers everywhere- scrape them even on quite an oblique angle and you come to a total halt, nosed right in at 90 degrees - completely unrealistic behavior, and very frustrating since AC has no reset button to straighten you up and the roads are so narrow for turning around.

IMO there are too many zones with very short straights and tight, narrow corners in town etc - more appropriate for a carting track, just a pain in a car.
This a fun road to drive my friend ! thanks to sharing !
There's something really fun about driving in public roads compared to tracks. Love it :D
Thank you very much! Great drive.
Thanks! This is a Great track, even with the... to be honest... ugly textures, and low poly landscape mesh. Don't stop work on this... It has a lot of potential to be a real classic.
If anyone wants some Track Cameras....
This track is perfect for both relax driving and time attack racing! Love the scenery and the beautiful details of the drains, little houses, and the diverse texture.
Would love to see further development of this mod, its simply amazing!

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