OFFICIAL 2024 Pfaff Motorsports Motul IMSA Throwback Livery

OFFICIAL 2024 Pfaff Motorsports Motul IMSA Throwback Livery Rev 0

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Extremely excited to unveil my latest livery design with Pfaff and Motul.

Bringing back the throwback theme again for this year's IMSA event at Laguna Seca, but with an entirely new design calling back to one of the most legendary McLaren Formula 1 liveries of all time.
FRONT small.jpg

REAR small.jpg

FRONT STUDIO small.jpg

REAR STUDIO small.jpg


*Note: Plaid rear wing was removed, then re-added last minute, along with a white section on the hood, so was not included in these screenshots.

Latest reviews

Amazing work. Are you planning to make the new special 'Champion Spirit' Ford Mustang livery too? It would be really good.
Jason Dakins
Jason Dakins
I really only have time to bring my own livery designs into sims, not much time for others unfortunately.
Great skin again, love the Marlboro tribute.

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