Opala Stock Cars 1986 - Nascar Liveries

Opala Stock Cars 1986 - Nascar Liveries 3.0

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-- helmets, suits and custom AI for all 20 drivers included:
- Bill Elliott 1986 Coors
- Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1987 Wrangler
- Neil Bonnett 1986 Budweiser
- Darrell Waltrip 1981 Moutain Dew
- Bobby Allison 1988 Miller High Life
- Rusty Wallace 1989 KODIAK
- Tim Richmond 1985 Old Milwaukee
- Ken Schrader 1986 Red Baron
- Alan Kulwicki 1987 ZEREX
- Michael Waltrip 1988 Country Time
- Kyle Petty 1981 STP
- Richard Petty 1982 STP
- Harry Gant 1981 SKOAL Bandit
- Joe Ruttman 1981 J.D.Stacy
- Geoffrey Bodine 1982 Performance Connection
- Ricky Rudd 1981 Gatorade
- Cale Yarborough 1980 BUSCH
- Terry Labonte 1986 PIEDMONT
- David Pearson 1985 Chattanooga Chew
- Dave Marcis 1986 Helen Rae
- Unique Liveries add-on
- Neil Bonnett 1983 HODGDON
- Bobby Allison 1981 Tuf-Lon
- Darrell Waltrip 1988 Tide
- Tim Richmond 1986 Folgers

-- If you like these liveries, please leave a review.
-- How to install:

Unzip the RAR file into the root AMS2 folder, normally located as below:
Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2
-- How to install the Unique Liveries add-on:
First install what is inside the "Original pack" folder, afterwards paste what is inside the "Unique liveries add-on" into the root AMS2 folder and "overwrite all" when requested.

Driver helmets and outfits.jpg

Elliott, Earnhardt Sr., Bonnett, Waltrip.jpg

Allison, Wallace, Richmond, Schrader.jpg

Kulwicki, Waltrip, K.Petty, R.Petty.jpg

Gant, Ruttman, Bodine, Rudd.jpg

Yarborough, Labonte, Pearson, Marcis.jpg

Original Pack.jpg

Unique liveries add-on.jpg

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE 3.0 - Unique numbers for all cars !

    Four new liveries with accurate driver helmets and suits as an optional install now part of the...
  2. Unique numbers for all cars soon™ !

    No ETA yet, replacement liveries with unique numbers and appropriate helmets + suits. Just like...
  3. Driver outfits now part of the pack !

    Drivers already had custom helmets in the 1.02 update. Now they also have full outfits as...

Latest reviews

Thank you! your attention to detail is impressive.
Top-shelf work, as always, Tom. Every possible detail is present in this mod.
I need to leave another comment... This is an ABSOLUTLEY beauty.!
My favorite AMS2 mod before helmets, and now with helmets and suits! Great work.
Thanks a lot
Amazing JOB!!!
Perfect. Thank you
Niceness, so much niceness.
I don't like these liveries. I freaking love them. Every car set is better with NASCAR, but this is a perfect fit. Probably my favorite carset for AMS2, the immersion of the 4 speed shifter and the sounds and the drivers around you is all you can ask for. Plus, the liveries selected are well thought out. There's some obvious ones like Dale and Bill, but I appreciate the Tim Richmond and Cale Yarborough selections. If you have to download a NASCAR carset for just one model, it should be this one.
Excellent detail and grid size. Thank you!
Can’t wait for the Helmet Pack!!! The Opalas keep getting better and better with all your efforts.
very nice, thank you & much appreciated.
Amazing! Thank you.
Yes! Complete grid. Thank you very much!
Thank you for the Busch car of Cale Yarborough. Beautiful job!
Thank you and you're welcome ! Even thou Yarborough's "Hardee's" livery is just as iconic, i could only do one. And with the votes i gathered on other places the BUSCH was the majority choice. I am also glad how well it worked out and how nicely all of the 80's liveries fit with this class of cars.
looks good, feels good and will be fit to Bathurst 1983
Thanks. Great work.
Wouldn't mind some more blue in the pack, something like the 1985 #90 Schrader and the 1985 Kyle Petty 7-Eleven has less white than a lot of the liveries.
Thank you ! I am doing more research and found the Joe ruttman 1981 J.D.Stacy livery has a lot of blue and looks very nice too.

I definitely want to finish the pack doing as few red liveries now as possible as there is enough of them at this point, i want to make sure there is enough variety.

Unfortunately i will not be doing any other liveries for Schrader and Petty since they both already have their livery finished.
Excellent, Thank You!!!!
You don't even stop on Christmas day? Thank you! :-)
I had to get away from the annoying Christmas music for a while and had extra energy to still finish some liveries ;-) .

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