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Opel Ascona C GT 2014-10-18

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Opel Ascona C GT 1988, 2.0i 130bhp

Sports saloon by Opel, based on GM "J" Car Ascona C.

3D Model created by: Malagoli
Physics based on model created by: Bobskype

Driver camera HotFix:
- Extract in your folder "Cars\opel_ascona_c_gt\data" and replace the file


Use the donation if you think that I deserve it, supporting this and my future creations. I really appreciate your help!



Unrar the file into your "assettocorsa\content\cars" folder. Replace all files if is necessary.

- High detailed interior and exterior
- Momo Arrow alloys
- Calibre rear wing
- Tuned suspension
- Physics based on factory standards
- Sounds are original from BMW E30, by Kunos

Known Issues:
- No SQ lods, may cause performance issues on low specification systems
- The driver position isn't very good, so you may experience some graphics issues with the onboard cam... The problem can be solved by setting the option "Hide Driver Arms", in Options menu.

Work In Progress, still developing original sounds.

Upcoming variation, confirmed:

Irmscher Ascona GT, 2.0 16v



Latest reviews

Sadly, this car is broken with the current AC version.
Interior windows are solid black so can't see out. I tried different shader versions to no avail.
No sound from the car at all. Tried different sound banks to no avail.
Love it.
please update to assetto 1.8.1 tyers v10 dont work now
game is crashing on loading screen
Hey, can you update this for latest AC version please?
i need help the game find the car but when i press start a error comes up cant find lods.ini" how to fix it? sorry for bad english
very nice Mod this Car
Great work!
Can´t wait for the Irmscher GT ^^
tank you,good work
great work guys! salve salve adrena! :D \o/
Excellent!!! Will definitely do some club racing with it!!!
Very nice, a fan Opel ^^
A perfect "low-powered", classic, sports-car. Perfect to make handbrake turns and then full throttle. My dad used to have one, and said this one looks really good compared with real one.
superb mate !
Great work!!! thank you very much
Another fantastic job , thanks guys !
gone for like two days, you announce the opel and finish it, wow.
Rafael Malagoli
Rafael Malagoli
This cars share a lot of things in common.. just had to create the side trims, badges, extension rear plate, rims, few correnctions, and its done... Not big deal as building an entire car from scratch :P

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