Opel GT 1900  GT-Legends by TEAM CC and friends

Opel GT 1900 GT-Legends by TEAM CC and friends V1.4

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Opel GT 1900 für GT-Legends V1.4 by TEAM CC and friends (03.05.2010) ( TEAM CC: kart1803/ Scyrion)
GRAB_002 (2).jpg
to install just overwrite the GameData folder with the GameData folder from the unzipped download!
Do not change or modify any of the files without my permission. Please respect the work of all involved!
New skins and paintings, new rims and other graphic inovations are allowed! We are all lookings forward
to see new paintjobs for the car and it would be nice if you'd upload them on www.altbierbude.de or www.GTR4U.de,
too or atleast
post a screenshot there.
If you'd like to host the Opel GT please contact me and i'll sure give you the permission.
emails to kart1803@web.de
Allways include this Readme when you copy the car.
At the beginning of this year i decide to try my first mod.
First i think: " if it work it is okay, if not i skip the mod"
But i see that my work with the Z-Modeler goes better and better!
So the car goes on and on!
Without the help from all the guys of the modding comunity this car was not possible!
Thanks a lot guys!
Thanks and Credits:
Opel GT Physics, by MENTAL GEAR (SP. and HDC. files) and me.
Thank you Martin, especially the SP. files make my head pain you solved this!!
Opel GT Sound by Burps
Many thanks for this amazing sound Andreas!
HUD/ div. bik. und icon. files by R8Gordini
Thanks for your help Tom!
RS Felgen by Plage
Thanks Martin, for tha paintjob at this wheels!
Shadowmap of the interiour from Cooky! Thank you!!!
Working Light´s from Scyrion! THX Mafter ;)
Tips & Tricks at ZModeler :
Simulationsfanatiker, without his Z-Modeler Tutorial i have never try to make this project!
Scyrion and Cooky, without you i would not finish the car!!
at least
to all modder and tutorial writer! I lern a lot from you guys!
Many thanks also to all the beta trsting guys! They give me a lot of homework! ;))
Important personwich give me brilliant informations:
Scyrion, Cooky, Big Ron, B8man and some other guys!!!!

Cooky (#11co, #81co)
Scyrion (#5scy, #13scy, 23scy, #25scy, #131scy, #133scy, #148scy)
N.Engelmann (#30ne)
B8man (#31ba, #45ba, #118ba)
R8Gordini (#17r8)
R.Koesters (#72rk)
MRopi (#34mr, #75mr)
Plage (#85)
kart1803 (#03ka, #18ka)
Thanks to all the painters for there beautifull skins!

a big thank you to the Team of the Altbierbude (www.altbierbude.de) and
to GTR4U.de Team without them noting where possible!
and to all who build GTLegends!
A big big thank you to my wife wich often was not amused when i work so long at the mod!
Darling i love you!
And to my Son Florian (4 1/2) wich help me by the crash test´s of the car during driving his laps while sitting on my knees!
i love you also and you are a big racing talent!
Thanks to all of you and to the guys i have forgotten in this readme!
Have fun with the car, and see you on track gents!
kart 1803 (Oliver)
Update 1.4:
Rotatable Lights in Front! Thanks to my friend Cooky who has make this stuff work.
New Mapping of the lights and work on all skins because the lights make this needed.
Changing some things in the car. folders of every car.
Soundupdate from Duc FreaK; PERMISSION for the Alfa Sound!
Some little things changed.

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