Opel Kadett C Coupe for GT Legends by Team21 & Friends

Opel Kadett C Coupe for GT Legends by Team21 & Friends V1_0

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Opel Kadett C Coupe for GT Legends by Team21 & Friends (06.02.2010)
Physics: Mental Gear
Sounds: Citytea
Skins: Mental Gear (with MG), Big Ron (with BR), B8man (with BA), kart1803 (with ka), Cooky (with CO)
Renderszene, Biks, Wallpapers: Big Ron
Modell, Templates: Cooky
For installation unzip the Opel_Kadett_V1_0.7z -file to the GTL- main folder.
Click ok to overwrite, nothing will be deleted, only the new files will be added.
For manual installation place the folders as follows
the folder "Opel Kadett C Coupe" to /GTL/GameData/Teams/GTC-TC-76
the folder "GTE" to /GTL/GameData/Sounds
No liability for any damage caused by installation.
No modification, conversion without the permission of all involved. Respect our work!
We are looking forward to see new, good skins for the Kadett. Maybe you can post screenshots or something
at the Altbierbude, GTR4u or Nogrip.
If you would like to host the car, please pm me (at Altbierbude, GTR4u or Nogrip, Username: Cooky).

Allways include this Readme when you copy the car.
Thanks und Credits:
Physics: Mental Gear
Great job once again, challenging and unique to drive, nice agile rear end, a bit jittery while braking and
very well balanced with the other "slower" GTC-76 cars. Admiration for the countless test laps you drove to
realise these amazing result. Thanks a lot for the first class work.

Sounds: Citytea
Heavy is the head that wears the crown. But no problem in this special case. Four sounds to choose from, all
sounds very self-contained and unmistakable. Furthermore a great depth and a lot of effects in it.
A festival for the ears. Big thanks for your work!
!!!Check out the Opel_Kadett_Sound_REAME.txt!!!

Skins: Big Ron, Mental Gear, B8man, kart1803
Very well done at all. Nice detail and great replication of the real cars. Thank you!

Renderszene, Renderpics, Biks, Wallpapars: Big Ron
You put the Kadett in perspective. As always really great teasers! Thank you m8!

Screenshots, Videos: Big Ron, Mental Gear, Plage, B8man, kart1803
Drooling! ;)
Ideas, discussion and support: CY-33, Big Ron, Rob, bdd, kart1803, Plage and many more
Thanks for your comments making the C-Coupe for GTL to what we have now!

It is my pleasure to built these car together with you guys. Many thanks for your top quality work and for
your staying power.
We want to thank all the beta testers and the guys of the Altbierbude for allowing us to use a server for our
test runs.
More thanks go to the Bierbuden- and the GTR4u- team, without these plattforms the transfer of ideas and constructive
critique would not have been possible and big thanks to the GTL makers for creating this outstanding racing simulation.
Thank you all.
Team21 & friends wish you many close, fair and funny races with the C-Coupe.
Cu on track!
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