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Optimised Shadow & Vehicle Reflections for 720p & 1080p 1.0

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Mod is designed for those using Ultra settings with 1280x720 or 1920x1080 display resolution.

I have replaced Codemaster's ulta settings for 'Shadows' and 'Vehicle Reflections' (including mirrors) with settings optimising 1280x720 or 1920x1080 resolution.
Ultra 'Shadows' were originally 2048 resolution so at 1280 there is a big performance improvement, and a slight improvement at 1920. Ultra 'Vehicle Reflections' were originally 1024 resolution and is now set at 1280 or 1920, so a performance loss at the expense of a higher resolution image. Mirrors were originally 2048 so there's a slight performance improvement. Overall a performance increase, unless using Ultra 1920 for 'Vehicle Reflections'.

01.jpg 02.jpg

Installation - 1280x720:
Simply copy over F1 2014 folder found in 1280x720 folder, then start game and go to graphics menu and select Ultra settings again for 'Shadows' and 'Vehicle Reflections'.

Installation - 1920x1080:
Simply copy over F1 2014 folder found in 1920x1080 folder, then start game and go to graphics menu and select Ultra setting again for 'Shadows'. With 'Vehicle Reflections' I supplied two options depending on how good your PC setup is, 'Ultra 1280' and 'Ultra 1920'. If you find your PC struggles with frames, use 'Ultra 1280'.

Original files supplied in case this is not for you.
This mod does not improve car resolution etc., I highly recommend using this mod with ParkYongLee's HighLOD mod.

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