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Orange McLaren 1.4

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My first skin for F1 2014. Dear McLaren fans, as you don't like the testing livery, I have made this skin inspired by the classic Orange McLaren used in testing. It is available in SD or HD.

There are three types of the livery; one with McLaren logos, one with Mobil 1 logos and one with SAP logos.

Select either HD or SD and copy the "mc2" folder into the "cars" folder.

Picture Previews
Orange McLaren HD (McLaren Logos).PNG
Orange McLaren HD (Mobil 1 Logos).PNG
Orange McLaren HD (SAP Logos).PNG

Have fun!

Latest updates

  1. Tweaks the SAP logo

    Tweaked the SAP logo which I forgot to do and re-added logo on Type 2.
  2. Type 2 logo tweak

    Mobil 1 logo smaller than before because it makes an issue on the left side.
  3. HD and SD available, now with 3 types and reworked livery.

    HD version is finally done! And also, the SD version is available for average or fast-handling...

Latest reviews

WOW! Just amazing! I have seen this too late. Nice work i think the best McLaren livery! Thank You
Not nice.
Deleted member 161052
McLaren hates you and the Mclaren Orange colour hates you.
Not normally a fan of orange. But this livery really works for me. Thanks :)
Deleted member 161052
How Mclaren should be since theres no major sponsor.
Deleted member 161052
Absolutely agree with that.
I like it, looks much better than the original. Nice work.
Deleted member 161052
Very Good!!!
Best Skin i have ever seen its Awesome Great Work bro
Deleted member 161052
Thanks dude! :)
10+ Awesome job!(can someone explain to me why its so difficult to steer in f1 2014?) :)
Deleted member 161052
Ask it somewhere in the F1 2014 forums here.
better looking than silver its more dominant :)
very nice. i hope they drive one day with that skin
Awesome skin! but the TV cam of Magnussen is orange and yellow instead of black and yellow. Could you fix it?
Deleted member 161052
I can :)
Nice skin :)
i like it :)

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