Paramount Ranch, CA / USA for GTL by maeckie

Paramount Ranch, CA / USA for GTL by maeckie v 1.1

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Paramount Ranch, CA / USA for GTL by maeckie
Butch's Aston Martin DB4GT Here:
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"Set in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains National Park this Historic Race Track has a unique and memorable history.
It was crafted one spring day back in 1956, when the late and Great Ken Miles (winner of Sebring/Le Mans) drove a VW Bus around the hillsides and planned it all out in a single day!....the rest as they say is history. "

Another ghosted track from the past, Paramount Ranch Racetrack's premiere event took place in 1956.
There were only a handful of races held at the mountainside race track, most of which were marred by dangerous track design that led to 3 fatalities in the 18 short months the track was operating at full capacity.

I built this track for use in the Gamers Crib Muscle Car League. Join us for the fun !

created with Bobs Track Builder
Special thanx to:
-motorfx for permission to use the backgroundimage from Miller Motorsport Park ( )
-Pizzaman for 3d-objects and help on the .aiw
-all the creators of tracks and xpacks !
-the Gamers-Crib and NoGrip Communities for input and useful information

Conversions of my tracks to other platforms are wished for. Just let me know when you do it, so i can add them to my collection. ;)

extract and put the folder ParamountRanch in your GTL\GameData\Locations folder
enjoy !
---v 1.1
xfinish sector fixed
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Good old forgotten Paramount Ranch,CA.
A ghosted track, races were held here from 1956-58.

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