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Pastor Maldonado is terrible 1.2

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This mod makes Maldonado more "life like!"
His aggression is now x5
His bad day chance is 6x higer than any other driver
His control is the same as Ericsson
His good day chance is only 0.1
He is 5x more likely to make a mistake
He goes fast into corners and fast out of corners meaning he is more likely to make a mistake
His performance is the same as Ericsson
In the wet he is terrible!

This mod was created by chessmaster02
To install, copy the database file into your database folder

Latest updates

  1. Fixed some Read Me errors

    Some incorrect info in the Read Me file. Fixed now.
  2. Doesn't lock the game

    Some people where complaining it locked their game. This doesn't.

Latest reviews

HE is not terrible the mod is terrible
Locked my game
Did you download the latest version? It is because you are a noob and didn't change the file name!
ahah :)
It locked my game too !
Don't know? Did you backup the file? Just reset it
It's locked my game, why ? :(
Don't know? Did you backup the file?
Most accurate mod so far ! Thank you for your hard work !
thank you thank you, now the real deal on the track lol..
High reality
Hahaha Lol!! This is Awesome :D

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3.22 star(s) 9 ratings

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