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PC2 Ultimate Career (Excel-based) 1.1

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This is another iteration of my Excel-based RPG tools (inspired by Neofly for MS Flight Simulator), and a big step closer to my ultimate dream in a race sim. This tool breaks PC2 into 6 disciplines, and the racer starts on the first level for all. The racer is presented with opportunities in each discipline and depending on what offers they accept, they receive REP (XP) in that discipline. Like real life, there is crossover, so GT REP helps you level up in Touring and Endurance also. Ultimately, you could get to Level 10 in each discipline and be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, where your stats will be kept.

-6 disciplines
-53 achievements to earn
-career lasts about 80-100 races
-stat tracking for each car and track
-difficulty is dynamically set to your results by car
-race what you want, when you want
-multiple progression paths
-takes advantage of PC2's multiclass racing and dynamic weather system
-multiple ways to set up a race (long qualy? no qualy? no practice? start from rear?)

My plan is to convert this to RaceRoom, but there is a chance I do AMS2 first. Adding cars and tracks is a bear, fortunately PC2 is mature in this regard.
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  1. Removed Extraneous Tabs

    Removed Extraneous Tabs and hid the data tab.

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great tool too keep project cars 2 exciting but I would like to know if I can access the car list so I can get offers with modded cars
brilliant just like the other two workbooks you had done

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