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PDash - Gran Turismo 6 HUD beta 0.6 beta 0.6

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Added a small update for the interface of the game.
-added Meter laps, (unfortunately Pdash not have yet the position in the race, I hope will be added later).
-Fix Graphics of pos lap.
-added Best lap, (unfortunately Pdash not have yet the total time, I hope that will be added later).

I will keep you updated as soon as possible have the chance and hoping that pandar1 add other features such as editable graphically counter gasoline (that for now you have to rely on figures), the addition of the turbo gauge in the car upright turbo , the outputting of the TC, the meter of gas metering and brake and race position.

I rely on the skill of pandar1, thank you again for the realization of my graphic reproduction interface GranTurismo 6.

Latest updates

  1. Gran Turismo 6 HUD beta 0.6

    added damages hud functioning =)
  2. PDash - Gran Turismo 6 HUD beta

    The beta release. This app is a beta so for any problem send me a message =)
  3. PDash - Gran Turismo 6 HUD little update WIP

    Added a small update for the interface of the game. -added Meter laps, (unfortunately Pdash not...

Latest reviews

great app , thanks
Nice! how do you change to MPH?
It could be done =)
You will be able to support the 1.34 version? thanks
Yep, add fuel usage and race position and I'll give you 5 stars! :)
The position and the indicator analog or digital are not present because pandar1 has not added modules for the app. I hope he will soon XD
looking good
That reviews of non-existent app is wonderfull........
unfortunately to release the app over, I'll have to wait will be worth pandar1 added by other modules for pdash that for now there are.
add fuel usage that is perfect
I like it
when i try and download it all i get is a picture instead of the ac app itself
we haven't never enough minimalist and retro dash app.
Nostalgic - definitely worth getting!
this is nice, it reminds me of the time when i used to play on console. bittersweet

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