PDash -  Motec design

PDash - Motec design 1.6

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Latest updates

  1. update 1.6

    update 1.6
  2. compatible with 1.4.1 version

    compatible with 1.4.1 version
  3. compatible with pDash 1.3

    compatible with pDash 1.3

Latest reviews

how the **** do i know which is which? zzzzzz
can't put into content manager.
all in one at full colours!
Super, contains all the default apps info in one dash
Just PERFECT! Smaller than the original, it fits perfectly on my screen. Thanks!
Nice display, really like the background colors.
Great Lucio Distilleri!..the best Designer!
This is very good, thank you!
i thx great possible gi flash shift light ??
can't wait to use it!!
Great stuff been waiting for some bright spark to get us this dash ...........
Thank you very much....
hi lucio great! just a question i have no light flash to upshift in gi pro thanks for your help
good work!
ottimo lavoro
realy nice
beautiful dash, thanks mate!

Latest News

Lucio Distilleri
File size
25.7 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.59 star(s) 17 ratings

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