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how often have you been overtaken by someone in a place like shuto and the guy then crashes ahead stopping traffic and before you know it you are crashing into the back of them?
or maybe a friend pulled over ahead to wait for you and now traffic is stopping near him and you come around a corner crashing into the stopped traffic?
.. and before you know it everyone is in one big uncomfortable pileup!
well i thought i could maybe make some sort of basic warning system and this is what came of it... here is a link for the github:


An app for assetto corsa to warn when traffic ahead is slowing down by Halvhjearne


this is a free app and may not be used in any commercial way without written permission from Halvhjearne.

once it is installed and you are ingame, it is adviced to enable the "show warning" option untill you have set the size of the warning and placed it in a good position on the screen (then disable it).

Known problems:
warning may flicker sometimes (false positives) but this can be reduced by changing settings.

Latest updates

  1. just a "small" update

    added option to save default settings changed save settings to save for individual layouts...

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Safe my life
Awesome Idea! Can safe you some trouble to ram into a traffic jam. Especially on LAC, where you can end up so fast down the cliffs... (time consuming to get back in the pack of your convoi)
works great thanks

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