[PLUGIN] Сlosing pits panel

[PLUGIN] Сlosing pits panel 2018-01-09

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Good but my Windshield always breaks for some reason :(
its a good mod and me doesnt work i have white barier and i dont have button
works as intended. but i heavily suggest adding another switch inside the pit. i got KO'd by the drunken brawler and somehow ended up super drunk and last gained consciousness in the pit with the panel closed and couldnt get out at all. died of hunger and thirst
ok, this my summer car close pit mod is very good no bug no problem, ok first you download the close pit file and you drag it to your desktop right click the close pit file and make sure you got Winrar and click on extract to the close pit file and another extracted close pit file will come up on your computer now open that extracted close pit file, open document click my summer car if you have installed msc loader you might see the mod files click on it and on your extracted close pit file drag the assets folder and the closepit.dll folder drag it to the mod folder on my summer car. after all that done you can close all files and go to my summer car and click on msc loader to check if you got it if is on the msc loader and is enabled is all good at your garage this close pit mod is there very nice very good

I saw a lot of people with reviews that don't know how to install so this rating/review will help you!
you need to get msc loader for this and I recommend you see
a tutorial about how to download msc loader on youtube.

hope you install this close pit mod successfully!
thanks to the developer of this close pit mod.
You need to extract the rar file
how do i change the name
just rename the .rar to a .zip
it gives me a .rar file how to fix that?
If you see white on the floor you forgot to put the assets into the folder
dude i only see white floor on pit ;-;
Gdy wrzucam plik moda do folderu Mods i prubuje odpalić gre to sie nie odpala i pisze że gra nie odpowiada
it gave me a .rar file instead if the zip folder
great and usefull mode, but after around 30 minutes of playing it disables and it says: mods close-pit thrown too many errors nad have been disabled.
J'avais trop but dans ma session, je me suis endormit sur place et quand je me suis réveiller, j'étais à l'intérieur et je ne pouvais plus rien faire, mon personnage ne tremblais, j'ai finalement réussi à sortir, mais quand j'y suis parvenu, il tremblais encore. et ça fait environs 4 jours que j'essaye d'arrêté de faire tremblé le personnage, mais je n'y parvient pas, j'ai rien pour me référé et aucun site que je trouve n'en parle. Donc ça me fait ch*** de devoir tout recommencer à zéro. Si vous avez quelque chose pour moi, j'aimerais bien. merci. ohh et je n'ai pas trouvé interrupteur sur le mur, je n'est que celui de la lumière qui est là
it didn't give me the right files
Amazing mod. Thank you so much!
I can't place it to MSC. If you create a tutorial I will thank you.
Broke my satsuma, everything was chill when I left the satsuma in the garage and went shopping, but when I got back the car was in pieces, crashing around.
When I opened the cover, it seemed like the engine had somehow gotten stuck under it and that made the car explode in pieces.

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