[PLUGIN] Clearance Tool

[PLUGIN] Clearance Tool 2.0.6

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With this plugin you can adjust ground clearance(level), wheel offset and camber for Satsuma.

F4 - Open Clearance Tool

This plugin automatically load saved settings when you load your save.

Warning! Too high/low values can cause bugs!

How to install and use:
0. You need have Mod Loader
1. Copy ClearanceTool.dll to Mod Loader mods folder

My GitHub(source)

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Latest updates

  1. 2.0.6

    Removed playmaker fix that was need in 2017-2020 game versions, so now suspension and tires not...
  2. 2.0.5

    Updated for latest 64 bit experimental branch; Removed timer before automatically loading saves.
  3. 2.0.4

    Update for latest experimental branch.

Latest reviews

when crashing / a little bit of offroading black and blue / the car color stripes started appearing inside the car
yay thanks for the update!
this is good but when i get in car my tires poped, i just spent 2000mk in a tire and now i dont have money anymore
Show at least a screen at what settings this happens. But it is better to upload save game and clearance tool save from assets folder.
front tires pop when i start car while using this mod, dont know if its bc game update but someone fix plz
Still work for me, your tires are probably completely worn out.
Everything works for the rear suspension, but for the front only camber works.
could you please tell why my suspension always breaks when i start going on the car ???
any change to get an update. this is a great mod but every time i reload a save it eats my front tires and punctures them even on the default values . or its the Wheels Resizer "i use both" and update wouldn't hurt since this is almost 3 years old mod
works great! simple install! *note set to stock height or above when driving the gravel roads you can lose things like exhaust,gear linkage, flares, bumpers, damage your wheel wells or suspension from dragging* overall works awesome with stock shocks/springs or rally coilovers. Thank you!
The mod is very good to use the satsuma as a stanced car aslong you doesnt have the fenderflares on the car
Having some troubles with fender flares collisions, but plugin is cool :D
In console i have error.How i can fix this?
If you use main/32 bit experimental branch - download version 2.0.4.
Please make bpan hayosiko! I Want((
I stoped playing for two days becouse this mod wasnt compatibile whit new veriosn ofd the game....this is HOW COOL THIS MOD IS
After i bought rally suspension which raised it even more i wanted to give it a proper looking stance
super cool but I can't change suspension plz fix or what ever I want change it. (got problems with shock absorbers only
You need press "Reset to default" button.
As far as I remember to remove shock absorber you should remove fender..
Simple and nice
the only problem i have is thate you cant put on the rear bumper
Really? Maybe you also give me one star, because you can't adjust racing carburetor? This is not fault of plugin, it is game fault. This happens if you tried to install bumper upside down.
need upadte your comment , it work perfectly but with F4 key :)
works like a charm

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