[PLUGIN] Second Ferndale

[PLUGIN] Second Ferndale 1.0.5

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This plugin makes a copy of Ferndale. For what it can use? First of all, you get the car at the very beginning of the game. Secondly, you can own V8 car without fears that Satsuma will be stolen. Initially car is near the house.

Textures can be changed in Assets\SecondFerndale folder.

License plates can be changed in license.txt that also located in Assets\SecondFerndale folder.
Or you can hide it by deleting license.txt.

You also can reset position and fuel in plugin settings (left CTRL + M in game).

How to install:
0. You need have Mod Loader
1. Copy with replace SecondFerndale.dll and Assets folder to Mod Loader mods folder

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.5

    Updated for latest game version (main and experimental branch).
  2. 1.0.4

    Update for latest experimental version of game.
  3. 1.0.3

    -Fixed not working turn signals; -In plugin settings (left CTRL + M in game) added button for...

Latest reviews

its nice but, could you make it minus powerfull?
keeps drifting to the left
Looks solid. No clue how to remove the US flag though
well, it works but i still have the ugly f***ing skin of the original...
Probably you forgot to copy with replace assets folder
It keeps drifting to the left when i drive straight and it makes it really hard to drive so please fix that, not sure why it does that but it's annoying, and it makes me crash a lot
This mod not only fixes the issue of transportation early game but is also extremely fun to drive, though I am wondering one thing, can Jokke or Grandma get in it as passengers?
Unfortunately not.
Great mod! Absolutely love the Ferndale, even more when it’s black without that stupid intake on the hood and terrible green interion. Also work perfect but I’m missing one function from original Ferndale. I don’t know how to call it, I say „burnout mod” when the red light on the dash lights up, front brakes are locked and you can burn rubber like crazy. It’s small thing but I would love it.
as a muscle car lover this is great mod but sadly idk what was happened, whenever i load the game it says "error object reference not set to an instance of an object in Void OnLoad()" so the car did not spawn. and whenever i restart the car on loader yes the car did spawn but not exactly like the black ferndale on picture. it's just like 100% clone of fleetari's ferndale so if i drive into his shop theres will 2 ferndale with same skin, num pltes, and shape
Looks like a conflict with another ferndale mod
In my game the car rear door is missing, please fix that
Just delete other ferndale mods and it is will be fixed.
Отличный мод но у меня проблемка, каждый раз когда я хочу включить свою музыку даже когда импортирую она пролистывается и начинается реклама(такая же фигня с волгой)
where is it
Very nice mod !!

Keep it up blin!
I want to get this to work and I have no idea how, I've done everything right.
5/5 mod! Only thing missing now is being able to pick up Jokke and Suski :D
it's a very nice mod but im using it with my g29 where can I change force feedback?
In game settings?
Thank you! its back! and gaz is back big thanks!!!
We all missed you Roman, welcome back <3
Absolutely love it! Way better than the Jonnez to getting to the store and back. I just wish I could replace the paint of it. Overall, great mod!
Mod is good but Car is a copy of ferndale aand i cant change skin

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