Plymouth Cuda HEMI 1971

Plymouth Cuda HEMI 1971 3.0

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hi i'm gtzin and this is my first mod

this is the 1971 plymouth cuda

well, it comes with 9 skin variants


and 2 Versions

the 3d model, textures and animations - by GTzin









so take the keys and ride

if you like my work you can help me with any amount My paypal

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Latest updates

  1. Plymouth Cuda HEMI 1971

    good this is version 3.0 of Plymouth Cuda what's been updated: the car model Suspension Car...
  2. Plymouth Cuda 440 HEMI 1971

    good this is version 2.0 of Plymouth Cuda what's been updated: the car model new dashboard new...

Latest reviews

I love this mod because it was my dads first car, also i like how it handles like a real muscle car "heavy" ig is the right term. But I think it need just a little bit better sound of a v8.
The model is low poly. But despite that, there are a lot of little intricate details that bring SOUL to a fairly basic 3D model.

The physics are fine, (taken from another car?) the front has a bit too much bump-steer and the tires could use a little less grip.

Some notes to the author, the model is missing SUSP_ dummies, breaking things like the showroom. Textures are all 3000x3000, I recommend shrinking them down to 2048x2048 to not waste memory. (most of the textures use an atlas, very good). Shaders need some work too, copy some from kunos cars.

Overall, this car is a soulful interpretation of an American icon.
thanks man for the feedback

the model is a "little" lowpoly because this was the first street car model that I finished and I made the model in a hurry (my mistake)
One of the things I want to change about the car is the rear because it's too square

the physics was a mixture of several cars because I don't know much about suspension (and when I tried to do it it broke several times) but the engine is for me part

the model has all the suspension dumies but I think it might have been some blender conflict when exporting but i will try to fix it

the textures are big because I was afraid of them getting pixelated

and I will try to make better shaders

but thanks a lot for the feedback

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