Porsche 936 11 car livery pack

Porsche 936 11 car livery pack 2023-04-15

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Here's some liveries for Yezhrod's version of Porsche 936.
Stommelen_lh contacted me and asked me to create some Essex Porsche liveries. Made them and decided to do some more. I also updated the liveries I had previously made.

Made these couple weeks ago, didn't know there was better conversion of a 936 in the works by Legion. Don't really mind though cause I had some fun tinkering with Photoshop for a change.
But anyway, since I made these might as well release them just in case there's someone out there who has any need for these.

I repeat, these liveries are for Yezhrod's version of Porsche 936. Search for 'Yezhrod Porsche 936' using a search engine of your choice.
These will also work with OLD Legion's version, you just have to rename 'skin.dds' to 'porsche_936.dds', then you're good to go.
These will NOT WORK with the new Legion version since it's a different 3d model.

Skins are in both 2k and 4k, install the version you want.

This pack includes:
- Lindsay Sakers / Joest Racing No. 1 from Kyalami 9 Hours from 1982
- Vegla Racing Team / Joest Porsche No. 2 from 1982 season of DRM
- Warsteiner Team / Joest Racing No.3 from DRM '83 season
- Porsche Kremer Racing No. 8 from 1982 season of DRM
- Porsche System No. 11 and No. 12 from 1981 Le Mans 24 Hours
- Essex Porsche No.12 and No.14 from Le Mans 24 Hours 1979
- Joest Racing No. 14 (with an alternative version) from 1981 Le Mans 24 Hours
- Kremer Racing Köln No. 23 from DRM Hockenheim Hessen Cup '82

Latest reviews

Wonderfull, many thanks +++++
Thank you for this!
As "requester" of the Essex Motorsport's LM '79 livery, "Je ne regrette rien". Top-notch quality liveries (the underrated and unlucky as fast and beautiful "Essex 936/79" livery I asked was done in less a week, after 3 YEARS of wait for someone to do it.) Hope you will enjoy the pack's project I started and make you appreceate more these two unlucky '79 beasts as much as the more famous (and equally great replicas) of the more famous and victorious Jules 936/81 aside the Joest/DRM other liveries! Many thanks. From ALL OF US! GODSPEED, MY (greatly tasted) SIM RACERS PALS!
Great thanks !
From Yezhrod ^^
(I know it's my old Game name haha)
Super, vielen Dank

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