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After making a recreation inspired by the 1973 Porsche 917/30, today I bring you one of the most iconic liveries: the Rothmans Porsche.

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Porsche run various Rothmans liveries during the 80s, but in this case my inspiration was the 1986 24h of Le Mans winner Porsche 962.

Base mod is the LM Hypercar 963 LMDh.

Some screenshots of the livery:





I hope you like it!

Latest reviews

ive seen a few people trying to make a good rothman 963 livery but this one really takes the crown. very beautiful!
Awesome livery. Can you make one with the WEC car numbers?
VF Motorsport Designs
VF Motorsport Designs
I'm considering in doing a version with all the mandatory logos for WEC if this one is well welcomed!

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