Porsche 992 GT3R 2023 (Manthey Racing #911 NLS7 2022)

Porsche 992 GT3R 2023 (Manthey Racing #911 NLS7 2022) 1.1 (small fixes for more accuracy)

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This beautiful 911 992 GT3R 2023 mod came out recently from the SDD studio, so I thought I might as well do the iconic green and yellow Manthey Racing livery, this one being from the first race the car ever contested in: the 2022 Nurburgring Langstrecken Series 7 (NLS). It's drivers were Frenchies Julien Andlauer and Frédéric Makowiecki, they finished third in the race for their first ever outing with the new car.



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Sorry for the noob question but which 911 gt3r mod to make this art work ? I have the Bonny one with falken livery
Thank you very much,can you make one with the other drivers :D
Love it, thanks!
awesome, even if the 2019 Manthley (grello and Gruno) are the best !
Awsome lets have some more
Looks really good. Thank you very much.

Could you possibly still remove this disc tint. From the cockpit view everything is so dark to the outside?
Thank you! Mind going to the discussion channel? I don't quite understand what you mean there, thanks !
Merci !!!
Really nice skin, thank you

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