Porsche Cup 2021 Race or Championship

Porsche Cup 2021 Race or Championship v1.0

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The Porsche Cup championship obviously isn't on ACC, so I thought I'd make it myself. Use the same process to make an all Ferrari or all GT4 race or championship.

Its not perfect but it is good, and by following what I've found, you can add your own custom downloaded teams, with real liveries instead of the randomised ones you normally get.

Step 1. Create a new 'Open Championship' just like Picture - P1.

Step2. Choose opponent car group as '100% Porsche Cup 2021' like picture - P2.

Step 3. Choose your circuits like picture - P3.

Step 4. Start the new championship and go into the first session and save the game immediately.

Step 5. Open the 'savegames' folder and search by 'date modified' to find the newest files.
Open the 'SE' file (pic 4) and search for the 2nd word 'carGuid'. It should be around line 159 (Pic 5) Don't alter the first car on line 130, thats you so thats all correct.

Step 6. Open your 'cars' folder in 'customs' and you'll have a list of all the json files for your downloaded cars. Select the car you want and 'copy & paste' everything from the line 'carGuid' down to 'bannerTemplateKey'. (Pic 6)

Step 7. Go back to your SE file (step 5) and paste this info over the randomly generated car in the game. That car will now have your downloaded livery on it. Repeat this process for the number of cars you have and enjoy. Save the modified SE file.
I recommend after copy & pasting all the info you save this file seperately. In a championship the next race has random cars again, so you'll need to 'drag & drop' this data in to have the same car liveries.

I've given you 3 of my liveries to get started. plain carbon, Liqui Moly and Prodrive-Stella.

Another thing I noticed, the names are all wrong in the timing screen. To alter these open the 'R' file in saved game and search for 'entry list'. Here you can alter the race numbers and driver names if you really wanted too. Highlighted in red boxes in Pic 7.
Pics 8 & 9 just to show it works with the Lechner, Logitech & Jagermeister liveries in my race. Credit to their individual designers.
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