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Porsche Martini F1 Team 1.1

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What if Porsche entered F1 in the 2000s as a works team sponsored by their iconic sponsor Martini? Here is my interpretation what the livery could look like. Currently there are three skins each (no specific driver, and two Porsche works driver) for the fantastic Formula RSS 2000, 2013 and the free Formula Hybrid 2017. Adaptations for the modern Formula Hybrid cars might follow soon.
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20221113-211318-Imola-Formula RSS 2000 Kopie.jpg
20221129-140017-Spa-Formula RSS 2000 Kopie.jpg
20221129-140428-Spa-Formula RSS 2013 V8 Kopie.jpg
20221129-140100-Spa-Formula RSS 2013 V8 Kopie.jpg
20221204-151427-Hockenheim - GP-Formula Hybrid 2017 Kopie.jpg
20221204-151537-Hockenheim - GP-Formula Hybrid 2017 Kopie.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Fixed drag and drop for cm

    I made a mistake in the filing system again. Again, if you installed the skins manually no need...
  2. NEW Formula Hybrid 2017 Martini Porsche Skin added

    I made a Porsche Martini skin for the Formula Hybrid 2017. Included are a version without a...
  3. Fixed file path

    This update fixes the file path to make it drag and drop in content manager, if you installed...

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