Porsche Motorsport Formula 1 Team - Black! - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021

Porsche Motorsport Formula 1 Team - Black! - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.1

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Hey there folks!

We all want this don't we? Porsche entering F1!
This is an alternate take on my interpretation, what this could look like, featuring a certain beloved driver...

The livery was inspired by the 2020 911 RSR, but flipped around to a matte black, wirg a metallic stripe! Thanks to @Stefan Clift for the inspiration ;) Looking at what Mclaren is doing, and remembering the famous Apple-Porsches, I added in the multi-colored stripes.

Included in this package are both cars, stock RSS helmets, and a simple pitcrew and pitbox.

I hope you like my take on this, enjoy!

I would love to get your feedback, ideas or other comments. Allways welcome!

Cheers, Leon

The drivers gloves are taken from Random Finns mod pack:

The wheels are from Ricardo Gomes mod pack:

Definetly check these other mods out, they are really well done!

Get the car here - https://racesimstudio.com/shop if you don't already have it!

You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims. If you would like to, please just ask

Latest updates

  1. Correct files, sorry!

    Mixed up the files in the last update, sorry for that!
  2. Adjustments all alroud

Latest reviews

possible d'avoir ce mod pour f1 2021 ? la voiture est magnifique !!!
Great skin! I customized both skins with my numbers for 2021 championship! Thanks, beautiful skin!
This is absolutely my favorite livery you've made, the regular porsche was amazing but this one just pops perfectly, I love it
Thank you very much!

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