Porsche Penske Motorsport Le Mans Centenary 963 livery #75

Porsche Penske Motorsport Le Mans Centenary 963 livery #75 v1.1

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ive made the livery of porsche for Le Mans centenary
For now the skin is not perfect and this have actually just car number 75 but i will update
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Latest updates

  1. Livery rear update

    ive update the rear of the car and replace Motul sponsor it's not perfect because i use imsa...

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By now you know its to pixelated, so i won't bother. One thing have to say is that the driver names in the ui_skin.json file are incorrect. Cheers!
It's very good but if you can increase the quality of the skin overall that would be better, because currently as it stands the livery is very pixelated and looks kinda messy from a close up view, so again if you could increase the quality that would be great.
Great Job :D
I can recommend you 1 or 2 things that'll help you improve

First with the layers: some of the stripes you can notice that is kinda pixelated for this you can add a layer below of the layer containing the stripes and color it with a brush using the backround color (red, blue, pink depending on where you are using it)

Second: Some logos are also pixelated (it also happens with kunos skins e.g: Lotus GTC. so don't need to worry about that but you can improve the looking using imgupscaler.com that website improves pictures quality using AI

Third I learnt this because some mistakes were made when I started making skins: When the skin is done in photoshop or whichever software you use, export the file as png, then with paintshop app (available on rd) apply it over the car, it will look better than exporting directly from photoshop to the game

And remember to enjoy the process :D
ahhh brilliant, I've been looking for the 3rd Penske livery (the #75 car) to build my version of this years Le Mans Hypercar grid, Thanks a lot!!!
no problem mate this mod is here for this reason
you really should create your own content and learn how to use a graphics program instead of just "flood filling" different colours on someone else's skin.
if you are not happy by this skin nobody force you to use it but the livery is just different by coulours and number of stripes so it's obvious that the livery will be the same

next time write a constructive comment or don't write but don't speak to say that the livery looks like the basic one because that's just the goal
Nice skin man! Thx abunch
thank guy
the design is not good at the back and some sponsors are missing or not the right ones
it's hard to custom the car with the original skin and the 2 pictures of the livery i have
Nice one brother
thank you
great work
thanks guy

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