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Prato 1.10

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- Improved various shaders settings
- More vivid texture colors for the kerbs
- Green traffic lights looks like they're on
- New texture for the first "TV" on the main straight
- Glass panels look like glass when on the main straight (still 100% transparent in the pit lane)
- Propers map.png and outline.png (provided by SandroX)
- New ui previews images
- 2 versions of ai fast lane for prato short layout (provided by Stepy)

Latest reviews

thank you.
Brilliant. Such a fun to drive. Great to see this classic track in Assetto Corsa. Also very well made and optimised.
Excellent track... on of my favorites!!!
There is an updated version v1.21
good track
Very well done, to me even better than in NKP. racing the AI on the short course is very nice. I tried to create a AI for the long course, but without succes, I hope you cann update the long course with AI.
Nice track!

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Harry Tulloch
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